… and Schrödinger wins the duel… again… ?
Date: Sunday, November 27, 2011 @ 11:05:48 GMT
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According to Heisenberg, a theory had to be developed free of metaphysical concepts. When Schrödinger discovered the zitterbewegung in the Dirac’s equation of the electron, he interpreted it as a physical phenomenon, according to which the electron would be moving with helical trajectory.

But a helical trajectory is a metaphysical concept, and from Heisenberg’s philosophical viewpoint it could not be accepted by the scientific criterion.

So, while Schrödinger believed that Physics must be developed by keeping some fundamental physical concepts underlying the phenomena, unlike Heisenberg considered it disagree to the scientific criterion, from which any metaphysical concept would have to be eliminated in the development of a theory, in order that Theoretical Physics would have to be developed from mathematical concepts only.

In July-2010 a new experiment had showed that Schrödinger wins the duel: the experiment shows that photons have helical trajectory.

This new experiment was published in Phys. Rev. Letters in July 2010, under the title “Unveiling a Truncated Optical Lattice Associated with a Triangular Aperture Using Light’s Orbital Angular Momentum”

So, this new experiment with the light shows that, concerning the zitterbewegung concept, Quantum Field Theory is wrong. The successor of Quantum Mechanics is not correct, since QFT does not consider the zitterbewegung as a physical helical trajectory of elementary particles.
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Other duel Schrödinger X Heisenberg is concerning the interpretation of the quantum states. Schrödinger and Einstein believed that a pure state is a physical property of system, much like position and momentum in classical mechanics. Unlike, Heisenber, Bohr, and others, were sure that a pure state has only a statistical significance, akin to a probability distribution in statistical mechanics.

Now a new theoretical work, published in 14 November 2011, is suggesting that Schrödinger and Einstein were right.

In a paper entitled The quantum state cannot be interpreted statistically, the authors show show that “given only very mild assumptions, the statistical interpretation of the quantum state is inconsistent with the predictions of quantum theory.”


Probably Schrödinger believed that quantum state is a physical property of the system because he suspected that there is a connection between the quantum state and the helical trajectory of the particles.

So, it seems that Schrödinger was right… again !!!

And new experimental finding, new discoveries, and new theoretical researches are suggesting that Quantum Mechanics, after all, is wrong, or at least incomplete.

Sure that, beyond the spread of Rossi’s eCat worldwide, big surprises are waiting for us in 2012.

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