Infinite Energy Magazine - Issue 100
Date: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 @ 21:07:48 GMT
Topic: Science

Infinite Energy's first issue was publised in March/April 1995. It currently has a print run of 5,000 and is distributed worldwide, including newsstand distribution through four major U.S. distributors.

INFINITE ENERGY is the bi-monthly magazine of the New Energy Foundation, Inc. It is a technical magazine with outreach to the general public, providing material of interest to all people. It includes highly technical papers, patents, and non-technical articles on new energy and new science, as well as news on developments in the field, and the social, political, and economic implications of these changes.

To maintain the highest editorial standards, Infinite Energy is written and edited by scientists, engineers, and expert journalists.

Table of Contents


9   Gene Mallove’s Legacy     Christy L. Frazier
12 The Status of New Science: A Survey
18 Cold Fusion: Surveying the Field
26 First Commercial Course on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions     David J. Nagel and Marianne Macy
29 A Model for a Sonofusion Process    Roger Stringham
36 Conventional Physics Can Explain Cold Fusion Excess Heat     Scott R. Chubb  


4 Letters to the Editor
7 Breaking Through Editorial — Celebrating 100 Issues     Bill Zebuhr
34 Book Review

—  Cool Fusion (Edward Esko and Alex Jack)     David Nagel
47 Professional Service Directory
48 Infinite Energy Order Form

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