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This month features an exciting summary Press Release article #1 for the upcoming Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International Forum (SPESIF) 2012 to be held February 29 - March 2, 2012 at the University of Maryland.  The Proceedings from SPESIF 2011 are online for FREE download (www.futurenergy.org) and the SPESIF 2012 proceedings will be available a few months after the conference, published by Elsevier Science through ScienceDirect.

Everyone knows that energy demand is a crucial turnkey for the future of mankind. Do we go up or down?

As all of the developing nations keep going up, Rocky Mountain Institute has a new scenario in its "Reinventing Fire" program to add increased energy efficiency to the mix, thereby flattening or decreasing the overall energy demand. Article #2 is a great research tool with lots of links to other information sources and references on this important subject for future energy.

Now how about getting the bugs to work for us and low wages? Before they can unionize and fight for higher wages, Joule Unlimited plans to put them to work turning sunlight and CO2 into liquid ethanol to sell for just over a dollar a gallon. See article #3 for an encouraging solar investment story that promises to be profitable for a change.

In article #4, which could be the blockbuster of this month's FE eNews, I'm revisiting a topic that was a subject included in the Environmental Science class I used to teach at Erie Community College in Buffalo, NY in the 1980's, when "ThermoCrete" was on the market with phase change mass (PCM) energy storage built into concrete. In fact, Jan Kosny says that he explored the potential of the same subject three decades ago but now it's an idea whose time has come. How about an energy storage medium 1.25 cm thick with the same thermal mass of 25 cm of concrete? Or how about bed rolls for the third world warmed by cooking stoves during the day to keep people warm at night? The rediscovery of PCMs by several companies featured in article #4 can reduce the volume of storage material by two-thirds, which is huge! This is an article to study and pass onto your local high school for science class experiments. 

Lastly, you might wonder what our Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been up to these days as it undertakes projects that are finite in duration but that create lasting revolutionary change. Article #5 shows two examples of artificial birds that demonstrate controlled flight and hovering, the "nano-hummingbird" and the related video on an "Airplane that flies like a bird". I must say that it is exciting to see nature copied so precisely that it looks eerie.  

Another energy conference of interest is http://energytech2012.org/ with a Feb. 10, 2012 deadline for abstracts.

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