Two Self-running Designs to Fire your Brain
Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 @ 20:54:30 GMT
Topic: Devices

From  The animated image shown has been around a long time. The idea is the center of gravity is calculated to be at the red dot so that the weights are always overbalanced to keep it running without end.

Bob Aldrich sent me these two links. One is a weighted hammer moving in a pendulum fashion that appears to run without stopping.

But the second one using magnets is far more interesting.

It appears to be the work of our friend Robert Calloway and uses a weighted mechanism to kick the magnets past the infamous bump which stops all such mechanisms.

Most intriguing and looks like a very well built little unit. Both of these videos could run down and they could be faked, but they sure look interesting. I've seen it estimated that for any overunity device to be 'commercially viable', it must have an efficiency of at least 300%. 100% to keep itself running and an additional 200% to use to do practical work. - email from Bob Aldrich

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