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Date: Thursday, February 23, 2012 @ 21:48:58 GMT
Topic: Science

Extract from an article in the Nanotechnology Now: ...Using the patented LeClair effect, Mark LeClair produced a cavitation reactor in March, 2007. A hot water heater was a result of the experiments carried out during mid-2009, funded by a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) advocate. Mark LeClair along with Serge Lebid, co-founder of EVP and Five Star Technologies, found that the reactor activated high transmutation, fission and fusion in water. The reactor heated 2.9kW of water by utilizing 840W of input. The output was 3.4 times higher than the input. While passing through the reactor, the temperature of water increased up to 32°F with temperature spikes of 50°F. The experiment was repeated 12 times.

Dr. Edmund Storms, the LENR researcher, and U. Maine Orono (UMO), Media Sciences of Oakland in New Jersey, conducted the elemental analysis on the transmuted substances.The results from XPS analysis showed that the glassy coating found on the reactor cores was diamond. Thirty four elements including carbon to polonium were identified using SEM analysis. The mass spectroscopy analysis conducted on these samples by Shiva technologies in New York, showed 78 elements including lithium to californium and 108 isotopes from 7Li to 249Cf.

The findings of the study are expected to help solve natural resource and energy issues. This cost-effective technology can be used for industrial production of hot water at large scales for commercial and residential purposes...

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