A new nuclear model for Andrea Rossi's cold fusion
Date: Friday, April 06, 2012 @ 18:47:50 GMT
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Is there need a New Physics for explaining cold fusion ?

It seems the most quantum theorists believe that there is no need a New Physics for explaining cold fusion occurrence.

For instance, the Widon-Larsen theory considers that there is no need a New Physics for explaining cold fusion.

Several times I told my opinion in Andrea Rossi's blog: cold fusion requires a New Physics.

The experiment made by John Arrington shows that I am right. His experiments are showing the internal structure of nuclei:


The berillyum nucleus defies what we know from current Nuclear Physics.
Look the first figure in that link. In the berillyium nucleus the central 2He4 and the other nucleons are separated by a distance of 7fm.

But the strong force actuates in distances shorter than 2fm. Therefore, according to Nuclear Physics, the structure of berillyium is IMPOSSIBLE to exist.
In another words, the berillyum nucleus destroys the current nuclear models of Nuclear Physics.

According to the nuclear model of Quantum Ring Theory, in the ligthest nuclei the distance between the central 2He4 and the other nucleons is between 6fm and 7fm.

In the page 232 of the book QRT is calculated the nuclear magnetic momentum of the nucleus 3Li7, in which a deuteron gyrates about the central 2He4 with radius 6fm. Look at the link:

So, the structure of berillyum shown by Arrington experiments is proving that the nuclear models of Nuclear Physics are wrong. The nuclei existing in the nature have a structure that it is impossible to be explained by the laws discovered up to now in the field of Nuclear Physics (the strong nuclear force, itself, cannot keep the cohesion of the nuclei).

Therefore, as the nuclear model of Nuclear Physics is wrong, (as the structure of berillyum nucleus is pointing out) it makes no sense to try to explain cold fusion by keeping such a wrong model.

There is need a new nuclear model, as it is proposed in Quantum Ring Theory.

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