Hall-effect Power Generator
Date: Saturday, April 14, 2012 @ 19:24:21 GMT
Topic: Science

Any number of free energy devices as presented operate with a time varying MMF (magneto-motive force) applied across a permanent magnet. Rarely mentioned in discussion is the fact that a time varying MMF applied across a permanent magnet puts that same magnet through a cycle of degaussing that limits the lifetime of the magnet (and free energy device) itself. A Hall-effect Power Generator can be powered by either a permanent magnet or a field producing DC coil and has no variable MMF used in its operation. Thus, no degaussing of the permanent magnet occurs or, if a coil is used for the magnetic field, no back-voltage is induced in the DC magnetic field supplying coil.

The idea centers around using a magnetic field to induce near-surface currents in a super-conductive ring. This current works to attenuate the magnetic fields' penetration into the superconductor, but the magnetic field does in fact penetrate into the same near-surface region where the DC currents are induced. These currents and residual magnetic fields are directed normal to each other, and thus result in a Hall-effect voltage which a specific geometry and cell-type construction make available for supplying DC power.

The patent application for this device has been published by the USPTO, although the examination process and standard processing wait continue. I would be interested in the opinions (and the publicity generated) by having interested parties (engineers, scientists, etc.) look at the technology and design and give feedback. My email address is davidboie@yahoo.com, and I should be able to email interested parties a pdf version of the patent application for consideration.

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