The Function of the Pyramids
Date: Sunday, May 27, 2012 @ 14:06:02 GMT
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Close examination of the material making up the pyramids yields the fact that there are pores in the building’s material structure that are about two nanometers in diameter. And this has caused many to think that they may have been built by a highly advanced civilization. If modern man plans to build any pyramids, I hope that he will utilize the latest information concerning materials science. Hopefully, we can build structures that serve a useful function, rather than just being a tourist attraction.

It must have taken many generations to build the pyramids. New pyramids are being discovered all the time, and modern man is planning to build pyramids in the United States. Close to home, Moody Gardens is planning to build a pyramid in Galena Park, Texas at the old Army Core of Engineers dredge disposal area. Did these many pyramid structures ever have a function? I believe that they did.

Recently, a new type of solar technology has been developed that uses mesoporous silica and dyes in the pores of a glass-like material that function as photomagnetic actuators. In layman’s terms, light is converted to a magnetic pulse that causes a distortion of the boundaries of two nanometer hollow silica spheres in the structure of the glass material producing and amplifying the high frequency waves developed in this manner.

Hollow silica nanospheres have been shown to develop thirty-four times the light of similar silicon quantum dots. The silica nanospheres act as a dielectric with naturally forming dipoles. These dipoles act as a type of Hall Effect generator where two changing magnetic fields interact developing a magneto motive force.

Within our glass like material, a tiny amount of water is condensed and heated due to the magnetic field turning on and off, and this heat is carried away by phase change. Id est, magnetic cooling takes place leaving the glass structure cooler due to the evaporative cooling of the surface of the glass. The process is called Air to Water or A2W. There is at least one patent held on the process of extracting water from air via solar energy in this manner.

The pyramids were built many thousand years ago, and it is possible that they served once the function of extracting water from air but are now non- functioning and extinct. The process of extracting water from air in this manner would have geoconditioned the local area. The pyramids are or were a part of a local system. There were underground rooms and connecting tunnels. So they helped control the local climate. They did not just stand alone as monuments. They served a useful service. They may have been just curiosities later, but they helped make living conditions possible in an otherwise hostile environment.

The pyramids may have been built by a civilization at least as advanced as we have now become using knowledge of the creation process, which is the water dissociation-recombination process now proven. In reality, water evaporation and condensation is the secret of life on Earth. We just call the process dissociation.

Man now has the tools to recreate the earth, and again regain the status of glory that The Earth must have once held. There is a lot of water in the atmosphere even in arid desert areas, and green zones are being planned in the desert.

We as citizens will enjoy a renewed Earth some day, but we will have to work together to achieve this goal. To achieve a renewed prosperity, every person will need work, and restoring the earth again will provide employment for anyone able to work in that capacity.

Our environment is in a state of disrepair, and the economy is faltering. We will just have to work our way out of a slump and invest in new infrastructure, and use a little common sense. This week, the G8 Summit is taking place and our leaders are talking about creating jobs and paying down the debt.

If we only would enact a universal transaction tax of ten percent, the government could function seamlessly because our money passes through so many hands. The government would get their money back and we would have new infrastructure that is modern and makes sense. Everyone would enjoy a better life style. It is only when the rich do not reinvest that the money supply is dried up. We have to recycle all this money. Otherwise, it is just zeroes and ones on a computer and useless.

Ralph Randolph Sawyer

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