New Energy Systems Trust (NEST) Website Launched
Date: Thursday, May 31, 2012 @ 10:56:58 GMT
Topic: Investors

From Take a look over at where we've launched our new website, whose slogan is "Networking to bring the best exotic free energy technologies to market." Two additional free energy projects announced. Join in to help bring these and many others forward to empower all Earthlings. (PESN; May 11, 2012)
The NEST mission statement reads: The New Energy Systems Trust is an association for matching up the best exotic free energy technologies, business professional services, financing, licensees, and customers (which includes everyone). We are preemptively setting up a network to help facilitate the rapid emergence into the marketplace of breakthrough, affordable, clean energy technologies. The emergence of these devices can empower the individual, remove our dependence on oil and other polluting energy sources and corrupt political systems, create jobs, and inspire hope for a peaceful, sustainable future in which we can thrive in harmony with the earth.

The primary purpose of the site is to assist in this networking function by collecting applications or submissions from inventors, investors, professional service providers, licensees, customers, and job services. "We want to be the watering hole where people meet up and find ways to help each other out," said NEST President, Sterling D. Allan of Utah, USA....

Source: New Energy Systems Trust (NEST) Website Launched

[Vlad]: Another classic example of "putting the horse before the cart". Sterling Allan continues to "count one's chickens before they are hatched", and sell "futures" on them whenever possible. What does it take to realize that proper scientific validation is the "sine qua non " for breakthrough energy technologies (a.k.a exotic free energy) to emerge and be widely accepted (marketable) to make a difference? I proposed the Extreme Science Foundation (XSF) years ago to the NEC (also led by Allan) but to no avail, since it was designed to protect the public against false claims (fraudulent or not) but not to make money out of inventors' intelligence, ingenuity, perseverance and hard work.

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