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Date: Thursday, June 28, 2012 @ 21:47:55 GMT
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With Story #3, we are proud to announce the newly released,edited anthology: Physics of the Zero Point Field and its Applications to Advanced Technology released by Nova Publishers after months of work. I was a contributor to the first and last chapters (Chapters 1 and 7) but also edited Professor Claus Turtur's Chapter 6 to make sure the biographical material on future energy inventors was as accurate as possible. It may become a popular reference text on zero point quantum vacuum energy as a result of our combined efforts.  

Speaking of the quantum vacuum, it is not often that a student invents a Casimir engine but it may become a more frequent occurrence as time goes on, since Vacuum Engineering it destined to evolve into a specialized profession as well as a billion dollar business.

Story #2 presents the details about Aisha Mustafa, a 19-year-old Egyptian physics student, who also patented her dynamic Casimir engine (see our past Future Energy eNews, June,2011 for a good explanatory article on how a ""Moving Mirror Generates Light from the Vacuum" from the dynamic Casimir effect.)

With Story #1, we are pleased to promote the release of the world's electrogravitics pioneer, T. Townsend Brown's secret experimental results from the time he spent in France. See

Electrogravitcs Systems, Report on a new Propulsion Methodology

  for background information on electrogravitics if you are not familiar with the fifty years of development of this propulsion effect from high voltage on asymmetric capacitors. We have published two edited volumes on electrogravitics and electrokinetics. IRI Members are now also receiving the Future Energy Annual that contains even more exclusive news on the subject. 

Everyone should pay attention to Story #4 since it is possibly the most amazing and practical future energy generator that we have ever come across. IRI originally ran the reprint of New Scientist's article on the Innowattech piezoelectric highway electricity generator in 2009. Since then, the company has made several demonstration models from railroads to highway sproving that it can generate around 400 kW per kilometer of roadway.

More popular than ever is any story (e.g. #5) that shows empowered women making a difference in society. In rural Africa, a video shows how they are becoming solar engineers. It is reminiscent of our FEeNews story in December 2011 of how India is Lighting up Lives with Solar lights 


Thomas Valone, PhD,PE   


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