The future of Theoretical Physics depends on Andrea Rossi
Date: Saturday, September 08, 2012 @ 11:14:43 GMT
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In August 19th, 2012 at 3:23 AM, the reader Guru posted the following comment in Rossi’s blog Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Dear dr. Rossi,
last few months I carry in my mind this question:
a) A sum of output energy from E-Cat is equivalent to sum of all transmuted materials plus all energy inputs ?
b) A sum of output energy from E-Cat is many times bigger then equivalent of all transmuted materials (in fuel) plus all energy inputs ?
I have this heretic hypothesis, that b) is in order.

And Andrea Rossy had replied:

Dear Guru:
b) is better.
Warm Regards,.

So, “In fact, he says the ability to produced the high heat of the ‘hot cats’ came about because of a new level of understanding. Now he suggests that more than transmutation accounts for the energy produced in the reaction.”

Along the years between 1989 and 2011, the most cold fusion researchers have tried to understand the phenomenon by keeping the prevailing foundations of current Theoretical Physics.
The new Hot eCat changed dramatically this panorama.

Indeed, as cold fusion reactions (responsible for transmutations) cannot themselves to explain the energy produced by the new Hot eCat, then there is need to consider another source of energy beyond the cold fusion nuclear reactions. And it is obvious that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to explain such another additional source by taking in consideration the foundations of current Theoretical Physics.

Therefore, from what we know now regarding the working of the new Hot eCat, there is an unavoidable conclusion:
There is need a New Physics, with new foundations

That’s why I wrote in Rossi’s blog, in August 27th, 2012 at 6:11 AM:
This means that all the theories based on current Theoretical Physics, (as for instance the attempts made by Peter Hagelstein, Widom-Larsen, Edmund Storms, etc.), actually are very far away from the true explanation for cold fusion, and they are wasting their time trying to understand cold fusion with their surpassed understanding on Nuclear Physics.

So, it is unquestionable that the new Hot eCat requires a New Physics.
And such fact does NOT depend on the understanding on how it works the Rossi’s new Hot eCat

But there is another question regarding the future development of this New Physics required by the new Hot eCat, and the answer for this question depends on the understanding on how it works the Rossi’s new Hot eCat.

Let’s understand why.

In May-2012 I sent an email to Andrea Rossi, suggesting him to incorporate a flyback in his old cold eCat. In July-2012 Andrea Rossi has announced to the world the fantastic performance of the new Hot eCat.

I did that suggestion to Andrea Rossi because according to the nuclear model proposed in Quantum Ring Theory the gravity influences the cold fusion reactions.

As the flyback is used in the assymetric capacitor (the lifter – which levitation requires the hypothesis of antigravity), then I had the idea to test the influence of the flyback in the cold fusion reactions which take place in the Rossi’s eCat.

In his researches, Jean Louis-Naudin makes experiments with the lifter and he also makes replications of several cold fusion experiments. But he never tried to use the flyback (used in the lifter) in the cold fusion experiments, because nobody in the world believe that gravity can have influence in the cold fusion reactions. So, never somebody had the idea of making a “bridge” between the lifter and cold fusion, by using a flyback, and also Naudin never tried to do it.

Now the theoretical aspect:
In current Theoretical Physics, the gravity is 10^40 times weaker than the electromagnetism. Therefore according to the prevailing theories the gravity cannot have influence in the cold fusion occurrence.

But if Andrea Rossi is indeed using the flyback in his new Hot eCat, this means that gravity influences the cold fusion reactions, and the additional source of energy can be comming from the gravitational energy.

Therefore, if Andrea Rossi uses the flyback, then there is need to consider that gravity has the same magnitude of the electromagnetism, as proposed in Quantum Ring Theory.

Of course, as author of a theory where are proposed New Foudations for Theoretical Physics, I am anxious to know the true.

That’s why I sent in 6th September-2012 the following email to Andrea Rossi:

Subject: new hot eCat
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2012 16:40:41 -0300

Dear Andrea Rossi

I suspect you are using a flyback in your new hot eCat.

Is my suspicion correct ?

In the case your answer is yes, I will not comment it to anybody.

I only would like to know if my hypothesis (that gravity influences cold fusion reactions) is correct.

And Rossi replied the following:

Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2012 01:40:01 +0200
Subject: Re: new hot eCat

Dear Friend:
I cannot comment what I did inside the reactor.
Warm regards,

We understand the Rossi’s fear to reveal the secrets of his new Hot eCat, because he has many competitors, trying to discover how his reactor works.

Then we have to be patient, and to wait Rossi to get the patent for his eCat, and then he will tell us the true.

And the future of the Theoretical Physics development will be waiting, until Rossi tells us whether his eCat uses, or not, the flyback.

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