Mysteries at the Museum posts Keely Motor fraud!
Date: Sunday, September 30, 2012 @ 19:39:33 GMT
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Via Now I don't want to preach so many do Tesla....but I think people who don't study the matter and only take surface information are throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

The reason I say this is EVERYONE who debunks Keely then and now, have FAILED to duplicate his demonstrations using compressed air or hydraulics or any other known force.

If it was a trick, you'd think someone would be able to present the same phenomena using whatever forces they are claiming...air, water, etc...

But no one does and THAT to me is a significant favorable anomaly for any inventor who makes claims and does demonstrations.

In Keelys early researches he worked with a vapor that had almost plasma like properties. He stored this vapor in a big metal sphere but as his understanding of the forces he was working with increased, he found other ways to release the pressures without using the vapor.

It was at that time when the reporter visited Keely's shop to find him standing next to a hole in the wooden floor that revealed the earth underneath. On the side of this hole was this big iron sphere, which I believe was 3,000 pounds in weight...Here are the details of this interesting story and much more.

"The sphere was estimated to weigh 6,625 pounds and have a bursting strength of 28,000 pounds per square inch."

But the story said Keely invited the reporter to have a seat and watch. Keely had attached a wire around the equator of the sphere...this wire ran to a mechanical control panel.

Keely made an adjustment on the control panel and this iron sphere rose into the air like a big balloon.

Keely then pushed this floating iron ball over the hole...made another adjustment on the control panel and the sphere floated down into the hole to land with normal weight on the flat earth under the lab floor.

Keely made another adjustment and the iron sphere GAINED WEIGHT AND SANK DOWN INTO THE EARTH...when it was deep enough, he switched off the control panel and the sphere regained its normal weight.

Keely told the reporter he no longer needed this iron sphere so figured he'd just bury it under the lab. And thats what the debunkers found AFTER he died.

After he died, is when the debunkers were too stupid to be able to figure out any of the machines Keely left...THATS when they debunked him and wrote him as a fraud in history.

Anyone who monitors science and technology cannot help but see there are many modern discoveries which are EXACTLY what Keely did and demonstrated from about 1870 til his death in 1898. Check out Keely History.

Going back to the floating iron sphere...I can imagine a device that resonantly couples to the neutral center of a mass....with basically three settings which Keelys machines are all based on....push, pull and balance.

Push repels the zpe influx flowing into the neutral center to cause the mass weight to DECREASE.

Pull opens up the neutral center to increase the zpe influx to cause the mass weight to INCREASE.

Balance is where the push and pull energies CANCEL out so that the mass has no weight and floats like a balloon.

All built into a mechanical tuning fork panel...I can see it.

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