The New Aetherometric Technologies
Date: Monday, November 12, 2012 @ 22:01:04 GMT
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Aetherometry, or the science of Massfree Energy, is the beginning of an interdisciplinary scientific and technological breakthrough. It has already laid the foundations for a new energy-based understanding of physical and biophysical systems, and created an encompassing experimental platform permitting multiple research forays into a variety of related disciplines. This constitutes a productive analytical and experimental mix that is rich in practical applications. The technological embodiments of Aetherometry are therefore quite varied. They encompass new Power-Generation or Alternative Energy Systems, Lift and Transportation systems, Biophysical Meters and Biological Radiation Detectors, Clinical Products, and Analytical Instrumentation.



All the Alternative Energy Systems developed by the Correas - first at Labofex and then at ABRI (Aurora Biophysics Research Institute) - share a common philosophy that is best described as the conjugation of two simple strategies:

(1) independence from the energy grid and the utility infrastructures; and

(2) autonomy of power generation.

Sometimes, as in the HYBORAC technology below, even conversion to electricity is not a necessary step (eg for a compressor or a heat pump).

There are four major technology-development efforts detailed below:

  1. Tapping 'Vacuum-energy' in pulsed plasma discharges. This was a technology first developped at the now defunct Labofex Co. dedicated to pure and applied research in plasma physics. Current development has been mostly subsidiary to the Aether/Orgone Motor/Converter System technology (#4 below).

  2. Tapping nuclear fusion energy in low-temperature reactions. Currently a focus of the theoretical and engineering design efforts at ABRI.

  3. The HYBORAC technology which taps and directly integrates solar, atmospheric and geothermal sources. Due to its simplicity, scaleability and advanced stage of development, this is the current ABRI priority in engineering and technological development.

  4. The Aether/Orgone Motor/Converter. Currently the subject of further 3rd generation development at the ABRI, with patents issued in 2006 and 2007. This is the power-generation technology of the future.

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