THRIVE Update & Plan for 2013; Solutions Hub
Date: Sunday, November 18, 2012 @ 19:48:52 GMT
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Thrive was released online on 11.11.11, and is now free to watch online at

What happened with Thrive in the last year, and what do we envision for 2013? Find out the details from Director, Producer, and Co-Writer of Thrive in this video in which filmmaker Kimberly Carter Gamble gives an update on the Thrive Movement and plans for 2013.


The Thrive Solutions Hub & 12 Sector Model

Are you ready to join with people all over the world to create lasting solutions? You’ve come to the right place. THRIVE Solutions Groups are self-organizing all over the planet and now you can search for groups in your area, or start your own. THRIVE groups share best practices with each other, so you can benefit from each other’s experiences and progress.

The THRIVE Solutions Model is based on a whole-system approach comprised of twelve interconnected sectors that cover the primary areas of human endeavor. By identifying key problems in each of these Sectors and coming up with solutions that are good for all of them, we will avoid having unforeseen impact in a Sector seemingly distant from the immediate concern at hand. Both the structure and process of the model are based on nature’s design principles.

The THRIVE Solutions Model is designed to keep people in a given community informed about all that is happening beyond their own area of focus, and to facilitate the sharing of needs and resources – locally, nationally and globally – so that on any issue a full range of participation is easy to come by.

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