Something from Nothing Revisited
Date: Friday, April 12, 2013 @ 12:59:14 GMT
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Via Most mainstreamers have the erroneous conception that alternative science fans, experimenters and researchers are looking to 'create' something from nothing in order to provide power necessary to run their perpetual motion machines or free energy devices. The majority of people I know and communicate with are seeking one thing, a working free energy or gravity control device. Something we all can see, test, build (or buy) and use to make all of our lives easier.

It gets ever more tedious having to explain and correct people who write or call in, calling me and others who think along similar lines flakes, fools, idiots or other choice insults.

They haven't bothered to study the very subjects they are ranting against, they haven't bothered to ask questions, follow any discussions or read any documents relating to the subject. Yet they have no problem writing rude or insulting letters, full of ad hominem attacks, believing themselves to be the possessor of all that is right and true.

Where does the error lie? I've often thought of writing up a webpage explaining it in terms and analogies the 'critics' can understand, so that is what this page is attempting to do. This paper is intended to address four key points which I consider as the basis for all energy production;

1) the concept of aether/zpe
2) creation of energy from nothing
3) thermodynamics
4) conversion

To my view and in my communications with many others, nothing could be further from the truth. No one that I have ever communicated with has ever suggested that energy was being created. Instead, many of us believe it is possible to extract energy from the repulsion/attraction of magnetism, from gravity and from the omnipresent aether/zpe.

But let us not limit our seeking to just 3 sources, but expand it to include ANY ENERGY OR FORCE GRADIENT, knowing that the polarities, when placed in the proper arrangement, MUST COMBINE to create the natural condition of equilibrium. As the polarities move to recombine, we intend to guide them through the wheelwork of our machinery to do practical work. It also might be possible to tap into the force which causes the equilibrium disruption in the first place since there is an expansion and a collapse cycle to any equilibrium disturbance.

Can anyone deny that gravity permeates everything, using a sealed box as an example? If it did not, the box would float off into space with nothing to hold it down. Would it not follow that an aether/zpe would also permeate the closed system?

We must learn to CONVERT or TRANSLATE that additional energy (aether/zpe, gravity, whatever) into a form that we can use, i.e, mechanical, electric, etc..

This is what many so-called perpetual motion and free energy machines do and which many of us at KeelyNet are trying to replicate for practical use worldwide. With regard to point #2 under the 2nd law, the claim states there is ALWAYS a net INCREASE in entropy which drags the system down into chaos and causes it to eventually stop, meaning entropy is irreversible, there CAN BE NO restorative, rejuvenating force.

Under currently undefined conditions, it should be possible to adjust the performance characteristics of a system so the operation involves the least possible resistance as well as taking advantage of the introduction (and conversion to other forms) of outside energy (per 'law' #1) in the form of gravity, aether/zpe, etc..

To my view, it appears everything keys into a wave or motion where one half of that wave or motion is positive, under 'pressure' and adds power, the other side is negative, has 'vacuum' and extracts power. If the energy is already separated from the natural state of equilibrium, then most of our work is DONE.

Why? Because it is the natural RECOMBINING of these polarities back to a state of equilibrium that will provide the 'work' we can use to carry out practical applications. In the case of gravity, it already has a gradient so is immensely available for tapping under the right configuration.

In the case of aether/zpe, which pops into and out of existence, we need to learn to detect its appearance and capture it. This might be possible to capture as the original unknown force that separates the vacuum in the first place as well as the collapse of the wave back to its state of equilibrium.

When you think about an expansion wave versus a collapsing wave, there might be properties quite opposite each other and which deal with the claims of a 'cold current' where sparking wires produce frost and circuits tapping this form of energy produce cold in the local area. However, that is beyond the scope of this paper.

With aether/zpe, it is a matter of rectification of the energy as it appears and begins to collapse. This can be tapped to produce mechanical or electrical forces, where the separated, polarized energies can be guided into a single form of either pure positive or pure negative. This is dealt with in my paper on rectifying chaos.

Now for the crux of all this verbiage, the contention that free energy enthusiasts claim to create something from nothing. That is an error. We are trying to CONVERT gravity and other ambient forces into mechanical and/or electrical energy that can do work. Its not such a brain stretcher. In fact, WE DEPEND ON CONVERSION from one form of energy to another in our everyday lives... - Full Article Source

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