Date: Monday, August 05, 2013 @ 22:25:33 GMT
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GlobalBEM Newsletter #04: Dear friends,

How have you been ?

As we find ourselves at the other side of the tipping point since the 2012 conference, things are taking shape. Our network has expanded enormously and we find ourselves surrounded by warm and great people. All willing to put their energy into making this breakthrough happen.

As a result, the Breakthrough Energy Conference 2013 is here.

October 10.11.12 2013, Boulder, Colorado. There is so much to cover in this field that we put a lot of effort into compiling a very comprehensive program for our second conference.

Check out the promo video, the  program, the speakers, the venue and secure your ticket. Early bird rates available.

The next couple of months we will be working on making this a one of a kind experience within the Breakthrough Energy field. This year’s program won’t be just for scientists and experts, but for anyone who is interested in innovation and improving life on our planet. There will be something for everyone. Our three day program will cover the past, present and future of Breakthrough Energy (BE) technologies, the implications in all affected areas of life and the obstacles in the way of development and implementation.

We have reserved three beautiful buildings for this conference at the university of Colorado. Macky as the main auditorium and Old Main as the second. Umc will serve as our cinema and dinner place.

Thank you for your ongoing support and interest.

Be well,
The GlobalBEM team

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