Rossi’s eCat technology threatened by the Bilderberg Club
Date: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 @ 22:04:04 GMT
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I am reading the book A Verdadeira História do Clube Bilderberg (The True History of the Bilderberg Club) by Daniel Estulim.

Now I understand that the reason of the resistance against Rossi’s technology of the eCat is not what I used to suppose before the reading of the Estulim book.

I used to suppose that President Obama and other presidents of important countries in the world have not interest to help the development of the cold fusion technology because of the their afraid that a cheap source of energy threatens the world economy, since the other energy suppliers will have a bankrupt due to their inability to compete with cold fusion technology.

So, I had supposed that Obama was afraid that cold fusion could cause a stop in the world economic growth.

However, the reason is just the contrary.

According to Estulim, the world is ruled by the Bilderberg Club. The book exhibits a lot of historical evidences on how all the world politics is ruled by the members of the club. The world leaders who do not follow the rules of the Bilderberg Club are either devoid of their positions (as happened to Margareth Thatcher) or are murdered (as happened to Aldo Moro, Ali Bhutto, and Ul Haq).

The main objective of the Bilderberg Club is to destroy the autonomy of the countries. They want an unified world, submissive to a unique central command of power: the members of the club.
They want to get a world with zero economic and industrial growth.

All the world economic crisis, all the wars, are planned by the members of the Bilderberg Club.

Falklands War (Malvinas) had been used by the Bilderberg members so that to show to all the leaders of the countries how the club is strong: they thrown Argentina to an economic chaos.

All the USA presidents as Bill Clinton, Bush, Reagan, etc. had been marionettes of the Bilderberg Club, and now Obama is the present marionette.

Here I translate the page 55 where Estulim speaks about nuclear energy:

The Argentine Opperation was planned by the Aspen Institute in Colorado who, in turn, is controlled by the Rockefellers. If the fall of the Shah of Iran had to do with the drug trade, the Falklands War the issue had to do with nuclear energy and the Bilderbergers necessary goal to achieve zero growth. The purpose of the club is to eliminate the industrialization in the world by abolishing the scientific development, starting with the United States. So it does not suit them experiments on fusion as possible source of nuclear power. I quote again John Coleman in “Commitee of 300”: “the development of an energy source such as nuclear fusion does not of interest, since it would destroy the argument of ‘limited natural resources.” This energy source, properly used, could create resources unlimited natural from common substances. The benefit to humanity is beyond the understanding of the public. “

The text above refers to the technology of HOT nuclear fusion which development is in course, supported by universities and governmental institutes, as the tokamak technology.
But of course the same we can expect concerning the Rossi’s cold nuclear fusion obtained from his eCat technology.

A cheap source of energy like the Rossi’ technology would help the underdeveloped countries to get their economic autonomy. This is not of the interest of the Bilderberg Club.

So, dear friends of Andrea Rossi,
the resistance against his eCat technology is harder than we had used to suppose.

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