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Date: Sunday, September 29, 2013 @ 17:31:07 GMT
Topic: Science

An update on Wm. Scott Smith's website: My name is Scott!!!

This Start Page is a series of links to all my many separate projects, as well as external links related to my many interests!!! This website is a work in progress, so bookmark and keep checking back.

Z-PEC stands for Zero-Point Energy Conversion; nonetheless, that is just a small part of my website; if never having to pay anyone anything for energy ever again does not interest you, check out the rest of the site; there is something here for almost everybody!]

Z-PEC:  Nature's Own Power Grid!!!

There is a great energy grid that permeates all Space. I describe how we can tap into this energy grid any time, any place without having to pay anybody anything, ever!!!

A Large Mechanical Force from the Quantum Vacuum

NASA's Breakthrough Physics Propulsion Program concluded that we might someday use the momentum of the photons of the Quantum Vacuum to eliminate the cumbersome on-board reaction-mass and fuel of rockets. According to Stochastic Electrodynamics, the photons of a universal, self-existent Zero-Point Energy Field continuously impart their momentum to matter, physically causing the speed and positional  uncertainties  of  subatomic  particles,  Einstein's Brownian Motion,  Van der  Waals Forces,  and the anomalously energetic behavior  of  liquid helium.  Like the moving part in any Casimir Force Experiment a Quantum-Thruster needs not to supply its own energy or reaction-mass because, it too, is accelerated by an external force, the radiation pressure of the photons of the Quantum Vacuum. Though bombarded uniformly from all directions, it experiences a net thrust because even completely identical photons impart twice as much momentum to its more-reflective side as to its more-absorbent, opposite side. Quantum-Thrusters are the consummate Prime Mover for anything we want to move and for all the clean energy we could ever want...

More: Z-PEC Zero-Point Energy Convertor

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