ZPE; it's real but it doesn't come from where you think it does!
Date: Saturday, October 05, 2013 @ 11:11:31 GMT
Topic: Science

I recently joined this group because we have a common interest, ZPE. However my interest was not in ZPE itself but in gravity...or the lack there of. From the time I was a young cadet at the Air Force Academy I have always been fascinated by gravity and it's lack of a real explanation. That being said, I actually had ulterior motives in my fascination with the strongest force in the universe. Like many of the participants on this website I am trying to figure out a way to travel faster than light -- much faster.

After 40 years of research I finally figured out how. Along the way I also figured out the force we call 'gravity' and where ZPE comes from. Not surprisingly many others have discovered ZPE but I haven't found anyone yet that can really explain it in a real, non-hypothetical fashion. I recently published a book about it and I wanted to introduce it to any member that might be interested in discussing it further. It's available on Amazon.com but if after reading the synopsis [below] anybody wants a free copy (PDF format) I would be jazzed to send you one. I didn't write the book to make coin, I wrote it because I could. It's title is "Scotty...where's my Warp Drive?!" Google the title; it will show up.

Synopsis for "Scotty...Where's my Warp Drive?!"

This is a culmination of a 50-year journey through the greatest period of scientific discovery, a time where young scientists grew up watching their dreams of space flight become a reality, and the science fiction of yesterday became the science fact of today. As an aerospace engineer I have helped put the Shuttle in space, the ISS in permanent orbit around our planet, satellites around Mars and get aircraft of all types off the drawing board and into the air. As an inventor I have solved a myriad problems facing some of this country’s biggest industries and patented many a means to bridge the gap between imagination and reality. In this book I combine all of my knowledge, expertise and experience to solve mankind’s greatest problem, the dilemma of faster-than-light-travel.

As I worked my way through the mechanics of ‘Warp speed’ I discovered that everything I learned about the physics of the universe, and everything we think we know about the force of gravity, was wrong. As I applied good old fashion physics to my theories governing the fundamental forces of the universe I discovered something amazing along the way: the force we call gravity is a myth.

Surprisingly I was not alone in this discovery.

Allow me to take you on a journey through time and space with the help of Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and a host of other visionaries who laid the foundation for these ground-breaking theories about the dynamic forces at play in our universe. In this book I clearly explain how we can [and will] travel faster than light; not just a little faster--but many times faster. Without imaginary physics and faith in unseen dimensions I will shed a whole new light on the universe around you and why someday we can span the cosmos as easy as Gene Roddenberry’s Captain James T. Kirk did aboard the Starship Enterprise.

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