About the secret catalyzer used by Andrea Rossi in his E-cat reactor
Date: Saturday, October 19, 2013 @ 19:36:06 EDT
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Dr Peter Gluck writes (Ego Out): Dear Readers,

Hundred years from now it will be obvious how deep it was/is the creativity crisis and productivity crisis of the contemporary theoretical physics and actually how easy it was to radically change the situation. It will be also seen then in which extent the very bold ideas of Dr. Stoyan Sarg presented in his papers, lectures and his 3 books have contributed directly or have inspired the radical paradigm change to come. The theory is too high level for a technologist like me but I am very impressed by its boldness and consistency.

I am honored to publish Stoyan's guest editorial: About the secret catalyzer used by Andrea Rossi in his E-cat reactor.

Dr. Peter Gluck

Cluj, Romania

Guest Editorial by Stoyan Sarg Sargoytchev, York University, Canada

The analysis of some LENR experiments provided in my article in General Science Magazine [1] and in my recent book, Physics of Nuclear Fusion [2], leads to the suggestion what could be the Rossi catalyzer used in his E-cat reactor. In the E-cat reactor of Andrea Rossi and Hyperion reactor of Defkalion [3] one and a same nuclear reaction Ni + H -> Cu is reported. Despite some differences in the technical approach, the analysis unveils that one and a same physical phenomenon takes place in both rectors. In Hyperion reactor the high voltage discharge firstly causes a dissociation of the molecular to atomic hydrogen and then obtaining of a proper Rydberg state of the hydrogen. According to the source [4], Strongly magnetized Rydberg atoms and plasmas continue to attract interest for several reasons; they represent a well-known paradigm for quantum-chaos, exhibit interesting collective and collisional properties and may provide a superior route towards simultaneous atom-plasma confinement and control...

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