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Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2013 @ 09:40:54 GMT
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Thomas Valone (IRI) writes: Greetings!   

It has been an exciting month for us since I flew out to Boulder CO (see Story #1) to present at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference for the first time.  The organizers were dedicated to facilitating the promotion of "free energy" with as much scientific information as possible. Even Professor Garret Moddel from the University of Colorado gratiously presented his views on "quantum engineering device technology" and Russ Gries appeared in person to promote his replication of a single-piston Papp engine exploding repeatedly with a noble gas mixture.

I particularly singled out Gries to ask him to create a four-cylinder model of the Papp engine with a camshaft. He is interested in accomplishing this task since his single piston and Bob Rohner's single piston both demonstrate a proof of principle (see my COFE6 presentation for more info). Other energy device-oriented presentations besides mine included Mark LeClair from NanoSpire, Inc. who has a robust cavitation fusion experiment, Mark Dansie, Russ Anderson, Moray King, Ruby Carat, Foster Gamble and late addition "Robert". Many of the presentations are preserved on the Global BEM website as LiveStream videos and also on an independent website as noted in the first story.

Our second Story (#2) is a human interest story centered on the Power Africa Initiative to respond to the need for solar-powered electricity in a continent swimming in abundant power from the sun

We look forward to the networking and volunteerism that will make our solution to providing night lights to as many of the 20 million who do not have electrical lighting in their homes in Africa. The picture from space proves how much Energy Poverty exists in Africa. We believe that an inexpensive LED array that is solar-recharged will help to fill that gap with a one-time investment that will payback for years. Donations to the IRI Power Africa Homes Light Project are invited.

On a similar note, why not go big with a large solar array in space? Story #3 shows how the Japanese are moving ahead of the rest of the world to be the first to start using Space Solar Power. Why bother you say? Besides the lack of CO2 emissions, the big advantage is that in space, the sun is TEN TIMES more powerful! That's 1 kW per square meter instead of a puny 100W per meter squared on the earth. The Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) has a nice 7-minute summary of the proposed Space Solar Power System that is quite convincing and educational. Maybe the US will join in someday soon instead of fracking fossil fuel near underground water.

Story #4 tells of a new company called ClearSign that uses electric fields to improve combustion. This reminds me of a Plasmatron developed at MIT that was supposed to go on the carburetor with applied high voltage electric fields. Perhaps the theory involves a similar ionization or plasma in addition to flame-shaping but the important result is an improved combustion efficiency.

Last but not least, Story #5 is one that I have wanted to include for a while but now that an hour-long movie has been released, it is a great opportunity to share this simple invention for getting back to nature with "earthing" or grounding. Walk barefoot on the ground when you can but now we can be grounded each night while we sleep with a simple conductive sheet or make-it-yourself screen under the sheet that is grounded. The benefits are two-fold: (1) lowering the overall positive voltage of the body including all of the electropollution that the body attracts, and (2) attracting negative electrons from the ground into the body which IRI has proven to be the active ingredient of antioxidants. I recommend the 16-minute YouTube introduction which demonstrates the efficacy of the how-to make your own earthing sheet. It is guaranteed to provide more restful and peaceful sleep experience through a revival of ancient, natural electrotherapy.



Thomas Valone, PhD, PE.


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