LENR, Cold Fusion: Executive summary for policy maker
Date: Saturday, November 16, 2013 @ 16:53:37 GMT
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From LENRNews.eu: This article is an executive summary which gather the key information on LENR industrial development, with the various actors and their history.

After reading that executive summary,  you might read an English summary about the scientific evidences of LENR. About scientific evidences Jed Rothwell have written an article for wikipedia on LENR/cold Fusion on, which address even better the scientific controversy question, give quotes. I can admit this Wiki-rejected article is far better than mine.

You may also read the "Student's Guide to Cold Fusion " by Mickael McKubre, or that video from SRI. You can also read that short presentation by Jed Rothwell for ICCF18.

 Before reading those articles I advise you to read a presentation of the book "Structure of Scientific Revolutions" by Thomas Kuhn. This is a must to read, that explain very naturally what happen with LENR. I also advise to read "Antifragile" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb or this french/english thesis about the faculties of innovators. I have tried in that article to interpret Taleb philosophy on LENR/cold fusion case.

About groupthink and collective delusion, you will find in that article a description of Groupthink, that you could match to cold fusion history. Roland Benabou published a model, and explain some counter-intuitive observed facts in "GroupThink : Collective denial in Organizations and Markets" (slides Patterns of denials).

Similar alternative to that article, focused bot on scientific questions and business questions, you can read also the site lenrproof.com and that new site LENR for the win.

Les francophones peuvent lire la version initiale en français, et éventuellement aussi  un article sur les preuves scientifiques des LENR traduit en frOOnçais. Vous pouvez aussi lire les transparents (Powerpoint, ou PDF)  préparés par Tyler van Houwelingen et traduit gentiment par Rémy André.

Pour mieux comprendre les divers comportements, il peut être utile de lire cette thèse sur les facultés de l'inventeur, ou cette synthèse sur "La structure des révolutions scientifiques" par Thomas Kuhn. Voici aussi une tentative de décliner la philosophie de Nassim Nicholas Taleb sur le cas de la fusion froide/LENR


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