Research papers of Ken Shoulders
Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 @ 20:37:06 GMT
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On Jerry Decker writes: I mirrored the late Ken Shoulders website on Keelynet to insure the information he amassed doesn't go away. I put it in html and added a brief abstract of each PDF. It also has his videos and experimental aircraft projects.

Ken's unique discovery of EVOs (exotic vacuum object) resulted in an 86 page patent which is the first to successfully mention Zero Point Energy as part of the EVO effect.

Old 1998 email about EVO/ZPE phenomena - Hi Chuck! Damn, I just responded to him and forgot to cc you....well, nothing you don't know already....he sent me an email saying he was a close friend of Tom Bearden so that makes him cool in my book....he said Tom knew someone who recently got a patent for a zpe tap device, so I suggested it was Ken Shoulders with his 86 page patent back in about 1992....brilliant patent...and he actually SAYS he gets ZPE from his charge cluster can do a lookup at the IBM patent server...bottom box on the main.htm page of KeelyNet....just type Ken Shoulders and it will show about 8 patents, most dealing with charge clusters, he calls them EVs for 'electro validium' clusters...where electrons which normally repel from each other are forced to clump together like grapes into what he calls 'charge clusters'...

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