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Date: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 @ 08:13:59 EST
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From Integrity Research Institute: In This Holiday Issue

1) Professor Dismisses Nikola Tesla's Greatest Dream
2) New Energy Harvester from STM
3) Tesla Batteries Being Used by SolarCity
4) More Efficient & Faster ways to Convert Carbon Dioxide into Fuel
5) Conversion of Zero Point Energy from Vacuum

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As we look toward a New Year, my public appearances were many and widespread during 2013. The www.globalbem.com group just released an high definition version of my "Future Energy Breakthroughs" presentation on YouTube as Mr. Dupper reports: "Here's the link to our youtube version, which is HD, so you can read the slides properly." Thank you to all who became IRI Members during our Fall membership and fund-raising drive.

Our first story is a mixed bag. It's always good to see anyone acknowledge the existence of Nikola Tesla. (My bumper sticker reads: "TESLA > EDISON"). However, when a professor uses his position to advance a particular agenda which degrades and subverts as "idealism" the greatest accomplishment of a little-understood genius, then it crosses the line. Professor Carlson originally entitled his new Tesla biography "Ideal and Illusion" and promulgates the has-been illusory image of Tesla. He is located at Corcoran Department of History, University of Virginia, Nau Hall - South Lawn, Charlottesville, VA 22904 for those who wish to write to him after reading Story #1 and maybe his book. Advanced science often looks like magic to those who don't understand it. This is certainly true of Tesla's wireless transmission of power. IRI has spent years gathering and publishing the wisdom of those very few qualified scientists who can explain it electromagnetically and who, in some cases, have replicated the scalar wave transmission. Dr. Nick Simos, for example, from Brookhaven National Labs is the latest in the series of Tesla experts who are trying to educate those who are willing to listen and study his physics of electrostatic induction or displacement (see his slide reprinted in Story #1). 

Story #2 is for the electronic engineers who like to keep up on the future energy trends that are shaping the way we power our appliances. The Energy Harvester IC #SPV1050 is a new product that helps make it easy to provide a designer's choice of voltage output for either a solar or thermal energy low voltage input.

Story #3 is exciting for the main reason that any company that has been giving away solar panels for FREE is a good company to connect with. SolarCity is amazing in that respect. However, the latest innovation to add batteries supplied by Tesla Motors to the solar panel storage for businesses is wonderful. The Related Story appended to the main one explains the benefits of such an arrangement. 

Many of us wonder how can we process CO2 to pull it out of the atmosphere and make something useful out of it. Story #4 explains the latest developments that are actually in production. The Related Story section has examples such as piggybacking with a volcano to make it work or using fancy catalysts to break apart the C and O2 for fuel. 

Story #5 is a farewell email posting from across the sea on zero-point energy. Professor Claus Turtur has several contributions online which may be of interest since he did some great research for his article in the Pulse magazine. I encourage everyone to order the premier issue of the Global BEM organization that also includes a zero point energy article as well.

Have a Happy Holiday and Prosperous New Year

Thomas Valone, PhD

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