Magna Coaster - solid state magnetic generator
Date: Monday, December 23, 2013 @ 17:54:16 EST
Topic: Devices

Via Richard Willis has an innovative way for amping up electrical power. His company name is Magna Coaster. The unit takes in 18 watts of power and produces 50kw of power.

Willis says he stumbled upon a "multiplication factor where he can multiply not only the voltage, but also the amperage and the frequency of the power."

He claims it was tested by the University of Waterloo with a 2600% above unity rating. He has a patent pending on the design, the tank and the power level.

It works by injecting it in between a set of magnets and the coil, and basically what happens is we feed it in at one speed, it bounces inside the coil and basically comes back out at a higher frequency, higher voltage and higher amperage.

He says Ontario Hydro approached him and they are also working on a deal with the state of Michigan and Mercedes Benz. He wants $1,000,000 for 50% of his company which he will use to put in power generation plants to balance the grid and reap income from the power they feed into it.

He says Horizon Power said they could get a power station up and running within 30 days.

As usual, only Brett Wilson with his Maxim Power company had a clue as to what this meant while the rest of the Dragons did not understand any of it. So Brett invested $1,000,000 into this new power generation technology. The others were just as shortsighted as hell. Goto 07:30 for the Magna Coaster segment  [Video: ]

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A good story to end one year and start another. I am happy this inventor is here in Canada, but most of all, I praise Brett Wilson for his smart attitude: "If it works, I'm in" he said. Knowing that smart & rich people do exist, I proposed years ago a foundation to provide a reliable answer to that question in every smart investor's mind: "does it work"? Certainly, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. The main purpose of my proposed Xtreme Science Foundation (XSF) was/is to carry out independent, objective, unbiased and widely accepted scientific validation of "private research" in the field of new energy technologies, research that most of the present scientific community and media would otherwise consider an unacceptable departure from the conventional thinking. Read more on XSF and the XS-NRG Prize here: "Xtreme Science Foundation". What else can I do but hope that the new year will finally wake up some of these smart investors and such a badly needed organization will become reality. Happy Holidays! [Vlad]

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