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Date: Wednesday, December 25, 2013 @ 18:16:30 GMT
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Quite a few people did bother to reply to my Season Greetings e-mail. I got everything from a three letter "thx", to rants of an anarchist nature about the need for a creative destruction to save the world from itself. But here is one, from my old friend Doug, one of the original ZPEnergy moderators, that I think simply sums things up as they are:

"Hi Vlad, Nice to hear from you. I have collected many proposals for new energy systems, but so far none have made it to Walmart, and aside from a few hybrids, most vehicles on the road still run on gasoline or diesel, though a friend of mine had a Benz that ran on leftover restaurant oil, but he moved back to Austria -- and his personal DIY is by no means a solution for the world.   Maybe our future is C3PO and R2D2, but I still do not grasp what they ingest for fuel.  The US seems to be banking on achieving  fossil fuel energy self-sufficiency for a few years by offshore oil drilling, fracking the country's underlayment and hastening the toxification of our aquifers and surface waters. I question the wisdom of such strategies undertaken in the name of long-term planning, but the media are in the hands of those who know better.

I applaud your work in providing a forum on new directions in clean energy.  It is important to keep it up, but I think that the reality now is more a political issue than a technological one and the big decisions are being made for us all behind closed doors by extremely well funded and strongly vested interests.   There is almost no establishment interest to step back and take a long hard look at the current foundations of math and physics, much less to scrutinize the motivations and directions of the applied technologies -- both of which are long overdue.  We are moving forward pell-mell and will have to manage the best we can.   Locally we have a pioneering sustainability program going, are putting solar and wind installations in place and have activists focusing on fighting factory farms instead of adjusting food tastes and exploring new farming options -- though a group here just put in a big greenhouse heated by recovered waste heat from a foundry.  I guess it's a grass-roots effort wherever the interest awakens.
Have a great year, and keep on truckin' with clean energy.


Thank you Doug and you are right, when the interest awakens, the grass-roots effort will change the world as we know it. But how to awaken this interest within the masses, when the majority of people spend most of their on-line time with trivial entertainment?

Patrick Bailey, President, Institute of New Energy (INE) wrote more than 10 years ago: "... I have been also noticing that regardless of what information the INE and the NEN have been distributing over the years, that not much is really changing in the outside world. I can think of only one reason for this: a complete lack of responsibility on your part! It seems that the world has been shoved into a fantasy world of entertainment – in the news, in the papers, in the movies, and in the scientific fields. Well, “I am mad as hell, and I am not going to take it anymore!” I trust that some of you will WAKE UP and make a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in your world..."

Well, I had a similar "can't take it anymore" moment in 2001 when I started but, unfortunately, Patrick's statements remain perfectly valid today. To conclude, two quotes to ponder on:

"The public is a lot more powerful than special interests groups. But the public is asleep." – John O’Malley Bockris

"Those who make peaceful change impossible, make violent change inevitable" -- J F Kennedy

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