Date: Wednesday, January 01, 2014 @ 19:27:54 EST
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Dr Peter Gluck writes (Ego Out blog): My dear Readers,

Very best wishes to you all for the year that has started today; 2014 will be more than interesting for New Energy. You will see and the history of Technology will mark the very start of a new energy era. There are only 82 days left till the Start.

2013 was a year of ordeal for me because I was focused on and captivated by LENR and what was sad to me, one of the most faithful cold fusionists, has lead to a kind of exercises in masochism. I have shared with you my discoveries which have almost forced me to depression. However, my ideas had very limited success, at least as measured by the written reaction to them. Recently I have asked more CF journals and sites, if they will publish a heretical paper as my one saying that everything I knew about CF was not true. I got no answers at all.

My biographers will show that I was very tolerant toward differing or even opposite opinions (if not concerning ethical issues) However, I still think that these standard quotations can be applied here.

It isn't that they can't see the solution. It is that they can't see the problem. (Gilbert K. Chesterton)
You have to acknowledge a problem exists before you can actually go about finding a solution.  (Demi Moore)

Despite the mass destruction of many ideas, memes and sacred cows of cold fusion, I did not became sad because I had many unique opportunities to see how bright is the Light at the end of the tunnel. As usual and human, due to the huge contrast between the status of the problem and the greatness of the solution, the majority of the people still are on the side of the problem and will need heroic efforts to accept the solution. I hope to witness this mass conversion in 2014.

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