The Centrifugal Force Controversy and its Connection with Zero-Point Energy
Date: Sunday, January 26, 2014 @ 18:22:09 EST
Topic: Science

David Tombe writes: Hi Vlad,

I've started writing again after a hiatus since July 2012. I've attached a paper that covers all the arguments about whether or not centrifugal force exists and the relevance to the background aether.

The subject of centrifugal force causes much controversy in modern physics by virtue of the fact that while on the one hand it can cause real physical effects, yet on the other hand it is deemed to be merely a fictitious force. Indeed there is a large school of thought which preaches that centrifugal force doesn't exist. It will now be suggested that centrifugal force in fact provides the key to the stored energy in the background luminiferous medium. This energy exists by virtue of space being densely packed with tiny dipolar aether vortices that are pressing against each other with centrifugal force while striving to dilate.

I thought you might want to put this paper with your downloads.

Best Regards


[Vlad] Thank you David ... I'm really happy to see you writing again. I've added your new paper in our Downloads section (ZPE related), together with all your other previous very interesting theoretical works (that already had hundreds of downloads). Keep up the good work Dave.

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