Engineering Physical Reality
Date: Sunday, March 30, 2014 @ 18:33:35 EDT
Topic: Science

Yet again, Tom Bearden shows that he is one of the most original science conceptualists on the planet.

Not just a conceptualist, but also a modern day detective as Tom takes us in baby steps through the process that allows inventors such as John Kanzius to condition the vacuum, which enables him to burn water. Even reversing human afflictions, such as cancer, can be possible.

These and more is covered in this video, Part 36 of Energy From The Vacuum™ Science Series.

By what Tom calls precursor engineering, the process of engineering physical reality itself can be actualized, and one of the most important keys is the influence of negative energy on what he calls the hierarchy of probabilities, as ordered energy grows to certainty in the observable state.

As Tom points out, acceptance of the existence of negative energy is only just starting to creep into obscure backwaters of the scientific literature, as for many decades its existence has been rigorously purged from the public scientific landscape—despite the fact that it is hidden in plain sight within nuclear engineering as the nuclear binding force.

An underlying theme of this video is Einstein's thesis that there is no empty space, as it is in fact the fields and their dynamics in which everything that is, is. There is no emptiness, and general relativity is based on this fact. Spacetime indeed is very, very active. Quantum physics for example, as Tom points out, has it as being filled with “tiny bubbles” fiercely bubbling all the time, beneath the observable state.

Once we understand this, says Tom, we can understand how modern physics looks at physical reality, and by the use of precursor engineering and appropriate precursor “engines,” we can in fact engineer physical reality, as Kanzius' process does. (Kanzius did not understand theoretically how his process worked and this is where Tom Bearden shines his spotlight.)...

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