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Date: Saturday, April 19, 2014 @ 18:33:40 GMT
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New technology will protect planet earth through a revolution in low cost clean energy from our discovery of a ball lightning answer.

Protect Planet Earth with Ball Lightning Technology.

This new technology will protect planet earth by leading to a greener society. It will bring a revolution in low cost clean energy for homes, buildings, and vehicles. Local generation of clean energy will, over time, reduce energy generated from burning fossil fuels (which causes CO2), and it will reduce energy from nuclear fuels.

This new technology comes from the study of ball lightning. I searched for a ball lightning solution for over thirty years and during this search have made a new discovery of a self-stable plasma toroid (ring) with exceptional properties that will enable clean energy production.

I need a modest amount of funding to publish a book to let everyone know about this new discovery to help protect Planet Earth.The book title:“Protect Planet Earth with Ball Lightning Technology.”

Ball lightning is a little known phenomenon that normally occurs during a lightning event. It is often seen as a soccer ball sized ball of bright energy that lasts in atmosphere for up to several minutes.While many scientists have suggested ball lightning solutions in the past few centuries, there is no consensus as to what ball lightning is.

I built a lab to try to find the ball lightning explanation. I learned how to create lightning level electric arcs and then learned how to modify these arcs to get small bright balls to come out of the arc. Then I used high speed photography to show that the balls were really spinning rings, or more correctly, spinning plasma toroids. I documented this work in papers and an earlier book. My most recent paper is available for free on the Internet. Just Google "Ball Lightning Events Explained as Self-Stable Spinning High-Density Plasma Toroids or Atmospheric Spheromaks," and click on at the March 5 version.

Most importantly, our independent consulting scientists published peer-reviewed scientific papers that show that we have discovered a new class of plasma toroids that are self-stable with no external magnetic fields needed to contain them; a new discovery. We think that the implications of this discovery and its applications will be important and therefore will be described in this book. 

I have also done a lot of work to answer the real question:assuming a discovery of a ball lightning explanation, what are its applications? I have completed concept designs for many new inventions designed to protect Planet Earth. As I have reached out to potential users, I realize that I need a good description of the technology to send to them. The purpose of this book is to describe how this ball lightning explanation will enable new inventions and how we plan to get them implemented.

The most important invention will be a clean energy generator that is totally safe and will be available to power a home or building. It will be the size and cost of a 10,000 Watt home backup generator.

This book will be written for the non-technical reader and describes the technology in non-technical terms.For the technically inclined it contains appendices with more technical information, and it also contains references to technical papers and articles.The first six chapters will give a brief overview of how I made the discovery of a self-stable plasma toroid (ring) and describe what it is, and it is a kind of detective story. The rest of the book briefly describes the major applications possible and how they will help to protect Planet Earth.

I have spent almost 30 years searching for an alternative energy source to protect Planet Earth. I have solid evidence that ball lightning is the key to a technology that can and will do so, and the book will show that.  Most importantly, if you decide the technology is worth developing and will help to protect Planet Earth, you can help bring this book to completion as we continue to develop the technology.

Details of the technology:

The following is a comparison of two fusion energy generators.The first is a colliding plasma toroid machine from Tri Alpha who is building this improved machine which is similar to several built over the past 50 years.  Tri Alpha makes two plasma rings, then accelerates them both to collide them in the confinement area.The entire apparatus is about 18.6 meters in length (over 50 feet) and produces ion density of about 1.0E13 ions/cubic centimeters according to Tri Alpha Systems at an Aug 2011 conference. They use many magnetic field coils, which make the whole unit quite large.

The second machine, our new system, will produce ion density of 1.0E19ions/cubic centimeters, about one million times denser, and will need no magnetic coils, and so will be 33 times smaller, just 0.55 meters. It will be the size of a portable 10kW generator.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


This project has little risk. The book is in draft form now getting comments. It will be completed in PDF form in April and so every donor will get a copy of the latest PDF version. If the full amount is funded, then the full publication project can be completed and the printed version will be available.

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