IRI Future Energy eNews - Apr 2014
Date: Friday, May 02, 2014 @ 20:30:10 EDT
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This month we are happy to announce the release of the NEW and improved  EM Pulser! It is an improved version with a stronger magnetic field pulse coil and rechargeable battery, designed by the late medical doctor Glen Gordon. EM-Pulser  still has the nanosecond rise time based on an impressive NASA study. As an accompanied DVD lecture of his indicates, the fast magnetic pulse stimulates the heat shock protein 70 (HSP 70) which is a chaperone protein able to repair inflammation on site very quickly. His list of recommended applications accompanies each device we sell and several of his articles are included in the hefty User Manual. We also offer a thirty day money back and one year warranty as well.

We are also introducing a Clearance Sale of $20 on the past NPA-20 Conference Proceedings (where COFE6 was held in parallel) with the 383-page (bound 8.5"x11") book, as well as a wonderful monograph, Cosmology and Zero Point Energy by Barry Setterfield for only$15 for the  465-page masterpiece (bound 8.5"x11"), since they were donated to IRI for our viewers and readers by the Natural Philosophy Alliance. The one-page summary back cover of Cosmology and Zero Point Energy is online. Also the list of all of the papers (Page One of the Table of Contents and Page Two of the Table of Contents) in the NPA-20 Conference Proceedings has been posted online for your perusal.

Our first #1 story is an exciting and expanding field of bio research from Columbia University where bacterial spores on a rubber sheet are now generating electricity directly just from a wet surface which causes a repeated bending of the rubber sheet. This the same type of action reported last year in our Future Energy eNews (January, 2013) with a totally different polymer technology developed by MIT and a piezoelectric actuator.

Our Story #2 is a nice update to an old renewable energy technology that is now considered future energy since the theoretical output is estimated to be about 20 Gigawatts. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) has operated successfully off the coast of Hawaii for at least 20 years but now 21st century engineers are planning to expand its production worldwide. This is a great, in-depth analysis of its potential since the thermal gradient is very consistent and probably increasing with global warming of the atmosphere.

Story #3 deals with a new view of the world's largest solar electric generator also reported on in the Future Energy eNews last month when it first opened in Ivanpah, CA. The concern is how the energy can be used at night and the solution is found in a well-known technology reported on, once again, in a past Future Energy eNews (January, 2012) where a chart of four phase change materials on the market now can store massive amounts of heat by melting (in clothing or in buildings). However, the new article below is looking for "new" materials -including new kinds of salt and glass-that can store heat at these high temperatures.

Story #4 is a celebration of private space enterprise with SpaceX successfully recovering its rocket booster thus aiming at lowering the cost of transporting goods to low earth orbit.

Our last Story #5 gives mankind a glimmer of hope for controlling and perhaps reducing one of the major greenhouse heat-trapping gases in our earth's atmosphere - CO2. Now it has been discovered that CO2 can be stored and vitrified into rock itself through a chemical reaction with volcanic minerals. No clean future energy technology can be a revolution if the earth keeps trapping more and more heat so this new technology is a marriage made in heaven perhaps, if millions of tons of CO2 can be sequestered in this manner.


Thomas Valone, PhD, PE.


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