The Electron-Positron Sea
Date: Thursday, May 29, 2014 @ 02:51:55 EDT
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David Tombe writes: In a closed orbit, it is generally assumed that the origin of the centripetal force lies inside the orbit. In the case of the planets in the Solar System, the inward acting centripetal force is caused by the Sun's gravity which is being generated at the centre of the system. In the eighteenth century however, John Bernoulli the younger drew attention to the idea that the centripetal force in a closed orbit can also be due to the centrifugal force of surrounding orbits that are all pressing against each other while striving to dilate.

"All space, according to the younger Bernoulli, is permeated by a fluid aether, containing an immense number of excessively small whirlpools. The elasticity which the aether appears to possess, and in virtue of which it is able to transmit vibrations, is really due to the presence of these whirlpools; for, owing to centrifugal force, each whirlpool is continually striving to dilate, and so presses against the neighbouring whirlpools."
 It is this fine-grained centrifugal pressure which lies at the root of the zero point energy. This is explained in more detail in "The Electron-Positron Sea" at  The point is that the tiny electron-positron orbitals have already exceeded their escape velocity but are being hemmed in by their collective. Hence the background sea of electrons and positrons contains suppressed energy.
David Tombe

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