Upcoming two books by W. Guglinski:
Date: Sunday, June 08, 2014 @ 21:59:42 GMT
Topic: Science

1) The Evolution of Physics – from Newton to Rossi’s eCat

2) The Missed U-Turn – the duel Heisenberg vs Schrödinger

From: Wladimir
To: “psomani1@yahoo.com”
Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2014 5:25 PM
Subject: submission book: THE MISSED U-TURN

Applied Science Innovations
The Director (Publishing Department)

Dear Editor

I am the author of the book Quantum Ring Theory, published in 2006 in a book form by the Bauu Instute Press.


I would like to submit for publication my book THE MISSED U-TURN , in which it is explained for the laymen the foundations and models proposed in my Quantum Ring Theory,

In 2011 two important experiments had been published, and they defy some foundations of the current Theoretical Physics.

In order to explain those two experiments, the journal Nature published in 2012 the paper How Atomic Nuclei Cluster and the European Physical Journal D published in 2013 the paper The quantum vacuum as the origin of the speed of light.

The results of the two experiments had been predicted in my book Quantum Ring Theory. And the journal Nature published an argument proposed in the page 137 of my book, while in the paper published by the European Physical Journal it is proposed a structure for the space which is the same structure proposed in my book.

So, the journals Nature and European Physical Journal published plagiarisms of some ideas proposed in my book.

And in 2013 the journal Nature published the paper Studies of pear-shaped nuclei using accelerated radioactive beams, describing the anomalous shape of the nucleus Ra224. In order to explain that anomally, the Prof. Butler of the Liverpool University had proposed the existence of an z-axis within the nuclei.

The existence of the z-axis had been predicted in my Quantum Ring Theory, and it is mentioned in several pages of my book. In the page 133 it is written:

The distribution about the z-axis is a nuclear property up to now unknown in Nuclear Physics

I am sending an attachment where I explain with details the plagiarisms by Nature and European Physical Journal D.

More about the book
can be seen in this link:
Unsolved Modern Physics puzzles solved in Quantum Ring Theory

Wladimir Guglinski

Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 07:51:43 -0700
From: psomani1@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: submission book: THE MISSED U-TURN
To: wladimirguglinski@hotmail.com
CC: pssomani@yahoo.com

Respected Sir,

Thank you very much for your e-mail and interest to collaborate with us.

We will be honored to publish your book. Since our company is a small company and considering the high quality of your book, it can be published as an OPEN ACCESS BOOK so as to reach to maximum audience without restriction. This can also serve as a proof to your proposals / theory and predictions. However, due to small size of our company, we may not be able to offer you any honorarium for the same. We would like to undertake publishing of your book.

I look forward for your reply .

With best regards and highest respects.

Prakash Somani

Dr. Prakash R. Somani
UN-ICTP-Fellow, JSPS-Fellow (JAPAN),
Editor – Carbon Science and Technology (ASIPL)
Editorial Board Member – Nanoscience and Nanotechnology,
ISRN-Spectroscopy, Sensors and Transducers Journal (1995 – 2012).

Former Faculty : C-MET, Pune; JIIT, Noida (Jaypee University); BITS-pilani, INDIA.
Adjunct Faculty – Department of Physics, Banasthali University, Rajasthan, India.
Founder and Research Director
Applied Science Innovations Private Limited (ASIPL),
Vijaynagar, Building No. 3, 4th Floor, B-14,
Dhayari, Near Dharashwar Mandir, Sinhagad Road,
Pune – 411041, Maharashtra, INDIA.


From: wladimirguglinski@hotmail.com
To: psomani1@yahoo.com
CC: ver@cisp-publishing.com
Subject: RE: Book
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2014 12:16:51 -0300

Dear Dr. Prakash Somani

I decided to publish the book with your publishing house

I dont care about to make money. So, I let you the decision for the format of publication. I also think that the most interested format is the open acess format, in order to get the larger audience possible.

I will send an email to Victor Riecansky, telling him that, since the Cambridge International Science Publishing did not publish the book in the time accorded in the Aggreement, then I am giving up of publishing the book by CISP, because the book will be published by your publishing house.
I will send the email with a copy to you

Therefore, I will sign the Transfer of Copyright Aggreement with your publishing house.

I am sending a copy of this email for Victor Riecansky.

Wladimir Guglinski

Date: Sat, 31 May 2014 21:50:08 -0700
From: psomani1@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Agreement of the book THE MISSED U-TURN
To: wladimirguglinski@hotmail.com

Dear Sir,
Good Day. We estimated the cost of publishing your book which is as following –

(a) only open access publishing as a PDF file on the web site and maintaining it for about 10 years – US $ 4000/-

(b) Open Access Publishing + Print Copies (500) – US $ 5000/-

(c) Only Print copies (500) – US $ 4000/-

I am interested to know if you can contribute (at least partially) towards this cost. It is no way compulsion. However, since ours is a small company, it will help.
We will go for the first option of Open Access publishing.

With best regards
Prakash Somani

From: wladimirguglinski@hotmail.com
To: psomani1@yahoo.com
Subject: RE: Agreement of the book THE MISSED U-TURN
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2014 22:12:28 -0300

Dear Dr. Prakash

It is hard for me to contribute for the publication.

Besides, there is other reason why I cannot contribute, as I explain as follows

When an author has a bad theory with no scientific merit, and he wants to publish her, he needs to pay for the publication, since his theory is bad.

I never paid a cent for publication of my theory. Because I always had started from the following viewpoint: if the theory has no scientific merit, she does not deserve to be published. And so it makes no sense to pay for her publication.

I never used to help my theory by contributing with money for her publication. I left to herself the task to conquest her own publication. If she had no scientific merit, then she would not deserve to be published.
My theory is being successful in getting by herself her own publication, thanks to her scientific merit, since many of her predictions are being confirmed by several experiments along the years. And in 2012 and 2013 she had been even plagiarized by two of the most important worldwide scientific journals.

If I had payed to publish my theory , my oponents would claim that she has no scientific merit, saying that the reason why I had to pay for her publication was the missing of merit of the theory.

And I would like to keep the pride of to say that I had never paid a cent for the publication of my theory.

I hope you may understand my reasons

Wladimir Guginski

Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2014 18:40:38 -0700
From: psomani1@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Agreement of the book THE MISSED U-TURN
To: wladimirguglinski@hotmail.com

Dear Sir,
No issues. We are going ahead for publication of your books.
I should contact you with the final typeset draft till 15 – 20 June.

With best regards
Prakash Somani

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