Energy Inventor's Compound Searched
Date: Sunday, June 01, 2003 @ 22:38:06 GMT
Topic: Legal

"Neighbors tell the I-Team they saw the TBI move in with two flatbed trucks and haul off Tilley's electric DeLorean, his electric boat and an electric ATV, along with box after box..."

From the site (published May 30, 2003):

"On May 29th, investigators from the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance raided the Tilley complex. Tennessee's securities division regulates how stocks are sold and handles complaints from consumers. ...The search warrant was executed by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation..."

"Tilley hired a second lawyer, Jack Lowery, after the raid...Lowery tells the I-Team the state told Tilley they plan run tests on his inventions. Tilley has never let outsiders run independent tests, or even see the inner workings of what he calls the magic box..."

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