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Date: Sunday, July 20, 2014 @ 01:47:50 EDT
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From the Issue 115 of the Infinite Energy Magazine: New Book Highlights a Potentially World-Changing Energy Source

Italian inventor Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat technology are featured in a new book, An Impossible Invention: The True Story of the Energy Source That Could Change the World. The self-published 309-page book by Mats Lewan was simultaneously released in Swedish and English on April 2, and is available in print and digital format.

Another article from Infinite Energy Magazine we recommend to check: 2014 COLD FUSION COLLOQUIUM AT MIT

The 2014 Cold Fusion/Lattice-Assisted Nuclear Reactions Colloquium was held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from March 21-23, appropriately on the 25th anniversary of the cold fusion announcement by Pons and Fleischmann. Mitchell Swartz, Gayle Verner and their team at JET Energy once again organized a fantastic conference, filled with excellent presentations. Nearly 100 people were in attendance. The three-day meeting featured 28 speakers and nearly 40 talks.

Read Infinite Energy’s full coverage of the 2014 colloquium.  

Thomas Dolan has also written an overview of the meeting and we are circulating that as supplemental material for our readers.

Infinite Energy has published summaries of five other cold fusion colloquiums at MIT, organized by Mitchell Swartz. Read the 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 Part 1 and 2011 Part 2 summaries.

2011, Part 1
2011, Part 2

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