Clean Energy Inventions exhibit and Tesla Inventions Exhibition
Date: Sunday, August 10, 2014 @ 19:55:52 EDT
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Gary Vesperman writes: Hi Vlad,

I have prepared a Clean Energy Inventions exhibit for conventions, schools, city halls, museums, libraries, festivals, and other public events and locations.

Attached are the 12 exhibit files. [you can download them in a zip file from our Downloads/New Energy section of site- Vlad]

Maybe it would be an appropriate and fun thing for some activist students to install the exhibit in a few locations around your area?

If 50 horizontal feet of bare wall space is available for free inside a building, the installation cost would only be about $10 for printing the 146 panels plus a few bucks worth of tape.

Gary Vesperman

This was submitted to us only two days ago

Fund Raising Campaign for working Tesla Inventions Exhibition 10 July 2015

Here's a great event that will be held in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada on the 10 July 2015.

Tesla Projects Laboratory is seeking for public support and donations to make the largest Nikola Tesla exhibit in Canada.

The Fundraising Campaign will commence on July 10th 2014, which gives us one full year to prepare an exquisite exhibition filled with electro mechanical functional models of Nikola Tesla Inventions.

Our intent is to show the 10 most prominent Nikola Tesla electro-mechanical functional models and 3 exotic reproductions of inventions that will be shown in North America for the first time.

List of inventions reproductions that will be shown for the first time in North America are the following :

1 - Tesla Remote Control (Teleautomatic) Boat with dual frequency receiver and transmitter (radio remote control), AND logical circuit and relay control logic. Boat body will be done in clear acrylic. So complete electrical and mechanical mechanisms will be seen by the public. This replica covers basic 17 Tesla radio patents and 2 basic patents for remote control of robotic mechanism that Tesla named ''Teleautomata''.

2 - Tesla Radio and Power Transmitter and Receiver according to his  research at Colorado Springs (1899-1900) that covers 17 patents. The radio transmission will cover application of Wireless Telegraphy and Power transmission that will show the Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter in action powering neon light bulbs by inductive relation at the primary of the distant receiver.

3 - Tesla Bladeless Air Pump - Fan based on Bladeless Turbine principle.
Efficient, requiring minimum power to obtain equal or better result with normal Turbine with Blades.

Please visit our website and take a look at our previous Exhibit in 2012 ''Let Tesla be and there was Light''.

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