Rockefellers go green!
Date: Tuesday, September 23, 2014 @ 20:50:20 EDT
Topic: Investors

Via The Independent: "Rockefellers go green: Rockefeller foundation divests funds in fossil fuel industries

American oil dynasty to pull all investment in fossil fuel industries on eve of global climate change summit, placing it as an unlikely champion of the push towards alternative energy sources

The American family that for decades has been synonymous not just with great riches but with riches created by oil said on Monday that it was moving to divest itself entirely from all oil and fossil fuel interests.

Descendants of John D Rockefeller, who tapped the black gushers of Texas and California more than a century ago to forge Standard Oil, a company that was later to spawn such names as Exxon, Chevron, Amoco and Mobil, announced the decision on the eve of the climate change summit in New York.

It means that his heirs’ giant philanthropic foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund which holds investments totalling almost $900m (£550m), will join a growing movement that began on university campuses just a few years ago to liquidate all stakes in companies that can be tied to global warning.

And it will propel what was once America’s royal family of oil to the front ranks of the fight against climate change and the push for alternative energy sources such as wind, tidal and solar... "

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Dear Valerie & Brothers, Stephen,

Congratulation for this long overdue wise decision!

I would honestly say, if sincere, coming from a Rockefeller, this could be another turning point in human evolution. But to be that, you have to have the guts to invest (even only one billion, to start) into the "real breakthrough" energy technologies. Those would change this world as we know it, and ensure the survival and thriving of all future generations to come, not just on this planet but, why not, all over this infinite universe!

To know what I'm talking about and to take a look at ZPEnergy's proposal to help ushering that revolution (put forward in 2007), please see the post below (Forbidden Energy proposal) and my comments there.

Of course, you are already a foundation with more than adequate funds, but my Xtreme Science Foundation (XSF) could be a branch of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and do its intended job: to carry out independent, objective, unbiased and widely accepted scientific validation of "private research" in the field of new energy technologies, research that most of the present scientific community and media would otherwise consider an unacceptable departure from the conventional thinking. Thank you and good luck to all.



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