Virtual Particles In Electromagnetism
Date: Monday, September 29, 2014 @ 01:59:31 EDT

“The book ‘Virtual Photons in Electromagnetism‘ is the first book that explains the meaning of the virtual particle in common electric systems and how “quantum open systems” can be built with experimental demonstrations from our group and others who have had independent verification from the most respected agencies (TUV Reinland, UL Labs etc).”

A journey to an emission free energy age by extracting limitless energy from the quantum vacuum. Welcome to the next industrial revolution!

Virtual Particles in Electromagnetism not only explains in simple terms what role the energy within seemingly empty space-time plays in common electromagnetic systems, it also describes how to extract an excess amount of energy from space-time and then convert it into an observable and usable form of energy.

These energy systems create negentropy (negative-entropy). Accredited institutions such as TU?V-Rheinland have already tested and approved some of these systems.

Marcus Reid shows convincingly that new “Asymmetric-Electromagnetic Systems” have become a reality. The faster the energy industry, scientific community and politicians realise and accept that these new energy systems exist, the faster mankind can start the next industrial revolution and see a significant reduction of energy related environmental pollution.

For example in quantum theories the nothingness of seemingly empty space-time is not considered to be an energy and identity free domain. According to these theories, space time is filled with an unlimited and never-ending form of energy (in the form of virtual particles) that exists in every conceivable point in space.

A practical concept that has developed from this view is that material objects themselves are made up from this space-time energy, and are directly connected with it. As the energy density of seemingly empty space-time is practically infinite, the notion came about that visible particles, e.g., atoms, exist as an energetic pressure difference of infinite energy densities.

If this idea is applied to an empty car battery, then there is an infinitely large electromagnetic field at the negative and positive pole. If, however, one measures the voltage, then the display on the measuring device will show 0 V. This is due to the infinitely high electrical fields at the negative and at the positive pole exactly cancelling each other out.

If the battery is now charged and, subsequently, a voltage of 12 V is measured, then an energy di$erence of 12 V has been created. "is describes an energetic pressure di$erence within the in!nite energy density of space-time. Hence the electric voltage is a measure of the degree of an energetic pressure di$erence (broken symmetry) within the uniformly distributed in!nite energy density of space-time.

An excerpt of the first 24 pages can be found here.

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