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Date: Monday, September 29, 2014 @ 02:10:26 EDT


Coming up this week is a public appearance here in DC of President Bill Clinton at the on October 1-3, 2014 at the Washington Convention Center. With the US emissions of CO2 going up even in spite of conservation efforts, as noted by the EPA and Obama, even the UN is now warning of a trend toward exponential CO2 growth rather than the linear CO2 increase we have seen worldwide since the 1950s. IRI is the only nonprofit research organization leading the way toward disruptive and discontinuous clean energy innovations, which we call "future energy", that can supplant our environmentally risky and expensive fossil fuel dependence. 

One way you can easily and effortlessly support the IRI multifaceted approach is by using the new "Amazon Smile" any time you shop at A portion of your purchase will be donated to IRI if you designate Integrity Research Institute as your favorite. We are also issuing our Call for Papers for the upcomingSeventh Conference on Future Energy (COFE7) to be held at the Embassy Suites July 29-Aug. 2, 2015 in Albuquerque, NM. Visit for more info, invited speakers, and directions for submitting your abstract and bio.

Our lead story #1 this month is a jaw-dropper: bacteria that eat electricity!  

While we are led to believe that biology is a rigorous as physics, here is proof of what the authors conclude, that in its purest form, "life is a flow of electrons" with certain bacteria that survive on and suck electrons out of rocks and even iron electrodes. The discovery implies the possible application for "self-powered useful devices" or SPUDs.

Now what ever happened to the space elevator that was supposed to make our weekend space hotel visit a reality? Well, our Story #2 shows the progress that theInternational Space Elevator Consortium, the Japan Space Elevator Association, and others are making toward that goal.

Talking about progress toward a cleaner environment, our Story #3 reveals that the Tesla "gigafactory" hopes to produce and sell 10 times the number of electric cars each year than they are doing so now. Once completed, Tesla's factories will produce more lithium-ion batteries than all the world's existing lithium-ion factories combined!

Often when discussing electrokinetics, the concept of laminar flow is presented which explains how stealth jet planes might benefit from a different type of air cushion surrounding the outer surface of the moving vehicle. Now with the Story #4 we see another possible application of changing boundary conditions under water so that an air cushion can surround a submarine with supercavitation enabling it to "fly" underwater. Have the Chinese perfected this advanced and  very energy efficient "disruptive" technology? The Washington Post believes they have.

Lastly, our Story #5 has great value to most older men today who still have their prostates intact. A new study shows that ELF magnetic pulses for only 5 minutes a day reduced BPH by over 50% in three weeks. The new EM Pulser ( ) is a comparable PEMF device to the German unit used in the study, in my opinion. The 2014 article just published is also open access. Effect of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy on prostate volume and vascularity in the...This is an open access article under the terms of the Creative

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