Surprising Rossi (Industrial Heat) Patent Application: COP 11!
Date: Sunday, November 09, 2014 @ 21:54:19 EST
Topic: Devices

Via It has just been published, in the database of the US Patent Office (USPTO), a patent application (doc here) filed on April 26, 2014 by Industrial Heat, regarding some types of high-temperature E-Cats, or “Hot-Cats”.

“It seems a very important document. The most relevant part probably regards the COP reached by a Hot-Cat. Already in the ‘summary’ of the patent application (page 1) we read that the best Hot-Cat has a minimum COP of 5.0: “In at least one example, a ratio defined by dividing the output amount of thermal energy by the input amount of energy exceeds 5.0”. And it is precisely the definition of Coefficient of Performance (COP).

In the ‘experimental results’ of the patent application, describing instead a test on a multiple reactor device, we read that a COP of 11.07 was measured using water calorimetry. In particular, we read (page 15): “A total number of 18 reactors devices including a reaction chamber in which nickel powder and hydrogen react in the presence of a catalyst were used. Each of the reactors may absorb a power of about 1.1 kW”.

In such test, according to the patent application presented by Industrial Heat:

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