Date: Friday, December 12, 2014 @ 01:20:33 EST
Topic: Science

My good old friend and mentor Dr. Peter Gluck, who runs the excellent blog about the philosophy of science of LENR, "Ego Out", has doubted that I would ever mention on ZPEnergy his recent "provocative and heretic writing", titled "The six pillars of LENR+".

I have a tremendous respect for this man, not just because he is a very smart compatriot of mine, but also because he genuinely believes in the truth of this potential huge scientific breakthrough (which was simply named cold fusion when it first emerged), and because his love for it is addictive and hopefully contagious!

Here is Peter's new paradigm: "Cold Fusion, we love you and we will help you to grow up, to become healthy and strong and productive. Now you are just an unhappy little weakling but you are able to change and improve tremendously!" and his proposed Motto: "Other sciences simply are, LENR must become. (A principle of Otherness )"

It is said that what we deeply think about attracts the circumstances for our constructive thoughts to materialize. Peter, I am with you and I urge all of our readers to manifest without any shame the same passion for these things that matter in life, such as something like LENR+ to emerge as a practical solution for the great challenges this world is already facing.

Please visit regularly Peter's blog; you will become wiser! --> EGO OUT

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