In Memory of Arthur Manelas
Date: Saturday, December 13, 2014 @ 20:14:52 EST

Via Arthur John Manelas, 71, of Pelham, NH, formerly of Lowell, MA, died Thursday, after a two year plus battle with complications suffered from a brain aneurysm in September 2012. Arthur was a pioneer of free energy research who had the respect of engineers and scientists worldwide.

I was fortunate to meet Arthur a few years ago. He was a  great researcher working from home and assisted  by engineers and scientists located from all parts of the USA. You do not see his work splashed across the forums or sensationalized, he was a private person. What he demonstrated to me was the possibility of harvesting energy form unknown sources. Above all he was honest and had integrity. He is part of the 90% of the quiet achievers. Their research that I observed or been privy to, I never talk about as most wish to remain unknown for a variety of reasons. With his passing I felt it appropriate to briefly discuss his work which will be continued by others who were fortunate to work with or have contact with Arthur.

Some of the following will be challenging to some of our readers as it is to me this day, but I know what I observed, and cannot explain. One of the reasons is this technology is hard to replicate and we have little or no understanding. Much of his work was based on Floyd Sweets’s discoveries. The first technology that Arthur demonstrated on my visit was a magnet that had been poled in a specific way. When you observed the magnetic field rather than the usual long sweeping waves between north and south, this had small micro domains. It looked like for a lack of a better explanation Egyptian hieroglyphics  . I am sure those who have more knowledge than I do of magnetic forces will easily explain this so there is no mystery here. This type of magnet or similar was used in the following projects...

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