Aether Denser than Matter
Date: Sunday, December 14, 2014 @ 01:38:05 EST
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Via It's an interesting inversion ...[re aether being denser than 'matter'] - ie we 'know' that atoms have electrons etc orbiting them, I heard its a circum pole to pole rotation , making a figure 8, not a straight out circular [but thats an aside as I got no source to quote for it [but recall it was from some group that builds vacuum/aether engines].

Aether being denser than matter gave rise to the Hole Theory which is the counterpart to the Electron Theory, electrons supposedly traveling from + to - and holes traveling from - to +....Aether is, in reality, a 2-way street. Deep in my KeelyNet manuscript copies, I remember some learned researcher saying that the Aether is 960,000 times denser than steel. The Aether is denser, not in the sense that it is harder, as in steel hardness, but that the Aether is finer grained, and "grained" means that the basic Anu seems to be 960,000 times smaller than a steel atom.

Also the assumption that electrons orbit is a fallacy. You won't find a electron microscope picture of any electrons orbiting, ever. You will find a electron microscope picture of atoms that look like spheres with two light areas on each atom sphere, at the poles. The spheres are actually tori, the basic unit of creation.

The first fully operational civilization in existence, the Sumer of 5,000 BCE, called their Supreme God, Anu, and the Anu is the the root of the word Anunnaki, not a literal being, as the stupid, exoteric literalists interpret ancient knowledge, but the Anu is the first curve of space, in esoteric knowledge, into a spiraling Tori or Toroid.

Torah is also the scriptural equivalent of a torus topology. The Persian myth of the magic carpet is also telling us about this curve of space. When the carpet remained flat (flat space) it flew, when the carpet edge curved (curved space) it fell.

The interpretation is that when space curves, it begins to fall into lower vibrations, those perpetual vibration or oscillations of the Aether we call Zero-point. Zero-point can be resonated with and used but it is so high that it has to be stepped down, in multiple stages, aka, Tesla and Moray.

The oscillation is one dynamic of space that can be used for extraction of its power. The spiraling is another dynamic of space that can also be used for extraction of power and manipulation of its gravity.

The very first evidence of what we call God, is the first spiral, or the first toroid, ie, Sumer called it Anu, we call it God and Islam calls it Allah. This Anu is a SELF-Created Anu. It is neutral because the dual dynamics of its duality (God/Satan) neutralizes each other to 0. There is no Creator before this, that can be called a Creator. If there is any..thing before this Anu it is No...thing, you see?

The second spiral toroid of space was, of course, referred to as Satan, the antigone (Greek) the antagonist. It takes 2 tori to inter..act. 1 tori is always 2, in reality....1=2. If you don't understand this you aren't grounded in reality of universe. Reality is always a duality and so is everything within it.

We have both polarities within us....good/bad, light/dark, knowledge/ignorance, ie, yin/yang. God is both God and Satan in the last, basic analysis. So we are just speaking of pair creation, the Cooper pair. So it is with basic building block of takes 2, to create. And it take 2 to have a gravitation between them, ie gravity. This gravitation is basically at the basic pair creation level and is multiplied as the pairs multiply, ie, the more mass the more gravitation, always oriented to spiral into its center.

As these Anu divide, they multiply. The more Anu spiraling the more they begin to compress into a center, since a toroid has commonalities with a tornado...a spiral is a tornado and a tornado is a spiral. Once a center is created, compressed space will begin to "crystalize" as it is said in esoterics. This crystalization will eventually be known as mass.

Now Einstein and his follows are in error. It is not mass that bends, twists and warps space but it's space, the superior and denser optical medium, that bends, twists and warps mass. Mass has absolutely no energy in it. It's space that has the energy and that perpetual energy is called Perpetual Motion and Zero-point, which was extracted by all overunity inventors. Perpetual motion is only impossible in 3 dimensional Closed System physics, but it is possible in 4 dimensions, or in what is called Open Systems and universe is a open system. This is just the basics.

This is along the lines of Matter as Bubbles in the Aether - The 19th century concepts underlying this occult cosmology are easily visualized in terms of liquid in a cylinder. Fizzing can be induced if the piston is moved; thus did Cosmic Fohat - Superforce - induce a quantum-vacuum transition (Mulaprakriti to Koilon), releasing energy which tore the aether apart into numerous 'subatomic particles' - BUBBLES - which we see as substantial even though they are, in fact, THE ABSENCE OF SUBSTANCE.

Thus was matter SUCKED INTO EXISTENCE in the cosmic expansion. Paul Davies writes that "what appears as empty space is actually a seething ferment....of quantum activity, teeming with [ghost] VIRTUAL PARTICLES and full of complex interactions. ....A real particle...must be always viewed against this backdrop of frenetic activity.

When [a real particle] moves through space, it is actually swimming in a sea of ghost particles of all varieties...entangled in a complexe melee'.... It is important to realise that, at the quantum level of description, the vacuum is the DOMINANT STRUCTURE. ...particles are only MINOR DISTURBANCES bubbling up over this background sea of activity/(shades of implosion/sonoluminscence!)

Thus the 'dense' aether (quantum vacuum) is scientific dogma today, even though it seemed the height of absurdity when Theosophists first proposed it. - JWD

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