Is Rossi using David Hudson patented ORMES procedure for his powder?
Date: Saturday, January 03, 2015 @ 23:33:40 EST
Topic: Science

Rossi is a fraud and I can prove it. First, let me be clear: Rossi's e-cat technology is not in question - it is very real.  Unfortunately, however, Rossi is still the same fraud that he was twenty years ago.  He is just a fraud who has been paying attention, while everyone else looked the other way or was asleep. I, however, am not falling for it and can see through his clever ruse. Before I delve further into this, one needs to ask why Rossi will not let the white nickel powder, which is the heart of the e-cat, be analyzed by scientists and the public at large? Is he afraid that someone will copy and replicate it, or is there another far more sinister reason? It turns out there is a reason that he does not want it analyzed - at any cost - and it is the sole reason why he is being so secretive about it.

Thirty years ago, a farmer by the name of David Hudson, discovered something amazing while doing soil analysis on his farm.  But this isn't something I should explain in my own words because I wasn't there; instead, one should read his own very detailed account on what happened. It's one of the most detailed accounts I have ever read, and was a very enjoyable read, as well. Everyone can read David Hudson's story here:

I will assume you have read David Hudson's lectures, at this point. If you haven't read it, do so.

Now, onto the accusation. The reason why Rossi does not want the white nickel powder to be examined is because if it were analyzed with thermo-gravimetric analysis, it would reveal that after the sample had been annealed, it would weigh 56% of its original weight. It would also reveal that the powder is a super-conductor. This means that Rossi duplicated Hudson's work, either by following his very detailed lectures, or he obtained this insight from one of the many researchers Hudson hired to spectro-analyze this material thirty years ago. Either way, Rossi has been dishonest the entire time, and now you all know why: he stole David Hudson's research and is calling it his own.  Once a fraud, always a fraud (Rossi and Einstein would have got along, I think).

If my accusation is false, then please allow us to analyze the white nickel powder with thermo-gravimetric analysis. If it does not have the properties listed above, I will issue a formal apology. But, at this point, I very much doubt that apology will be necessary.

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