Aetherometry - is anybody paying attention?
Date: Tuesday, January 06, 2015 @ 02:24:57 GMT

Fundamental Concepts of Aetherometry
, the exact science of the metrics of massfree energy (Aether), is a novel biophysical and nanometric science, or scientific discipline, developed by Dr. Paulo N. Correa and Alexandra N. Correa as a synthesis of experimental and analytical work that replicated, revised and continued the scientific contributions of Nikola Tesla, Louis de Broglie, Wilhelm Reich (orgonomy, orgonometry), René Thom (catastrophe theory) and Harold Aspden. Its object of study is massfree energy.

Massfree energy
Massfree energy is energy devoid of inertia; it is everywhere 'present in space' or associated with various states of motion of material particles or bodies. In a wide sense, massfree energy encompasses Aether manifestations, as well as photon and kinetic energy states.

The primordial or Aether manifestations of massfree energy include graviton and antigraviton states affected to matter or its particles, and, more profoundly, the cosmological manifestations of dark energy, in both electric and nonelectric forms, which are associated with the cosmological creation of material particles.

Aetherometry proposes that the world of Matter relates solely, in a strict sense, to the electromagnetic and inertial properties of mass-energy particles, and that even the motion of material or mass-carrying particles or bodies results from the interaction of mass-energy with massfree energy. However, its object of study is not, per se, massfree energy in states that are directly dependent on mass, such as the transient kinetic energy of massbound particles or the electromagnetic energy of blackbody photons. Rather, the primary focus of Aetherometry is the study of massfree energy in nonelectromagnetic forms.

Graviton energy Gravitons are transient, nonelectromagnetic massfree energy particles whose impulse (gravitational momentum) is anchored to the mass-energy of particles of Matter, but which are emitted from the local Aether medium (formed by the constant and ordered flux of dark massfree energy and cosmological lepton lattices). Both gravitons and antigravitons may also be formed and seated in the composite lattices composing the local Aether medium. Gravitons anchored to mass-energy particles are described mathematically and physically as being in a relationship of secondary superimposition with that mass-energy.

Besides gravitons, Aetherometry has demonstrated the existence of primordial or primary manifestations of massfree energy in both electric and nonelectric forms, also referred to as 'dark massfree energy'...

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