US 500.000 prize for any nuclear physicist who solves a puzzle
Date: Sunday, January 11, 2015 @ 18:32:43 GMT
Topic: Science

I will register notarized that will pay the US 500.000 prize for a nuclear physicists who presents a solution for the puzzle explained ahead, via any current nuclear model which works with the principles of the Standard Nuclear Physics.

The puzzle:

1- There is no Coulomb repulsion between proton and neutron

2- There is a background of neutrons in the environment

3- There is attraction proton-neutron via the strong force


4- So, as there is no Coulomb repulsion proton-neutron, and there is attraction via strong force, then according to the principles of the Standard Nuclear PHysics the low energy neutrons of the neutron backbround would have to hit the protons of the hydrogen in the enviroment, and so deuterium would have to be formed.

5- Therefore, along billion years, in the Earth the water of the oceans and rivers would have to be composed by heavy water D2O, instead of H2O. Also, all the hydrogen in the Universe would have to be changed to deuterium, and therefore hydrogen could not exist in the Universe.


I have the following properties:

One flat in the beath, in Cabo Frio-RJ city – US 150.000

One flat in Juiz de Fora-MG city – US 100.000

One house in Paulinia-SP city – US 150.000

One house in Cataguases-MG city – US 100.000


According to the notarized, I will sell the four properties if the puzzle is solved, and the nuclear physicist who solve the puzzle will receive the prize.


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