"ZERO-POINT" documentary on electrogravitics FLUXLINER
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Just noted that we've missed to inform you on IRI's Future Energy e-News from March 2014. Even though we've published about Mark McCavendish story before the film was released, here is IRI's update from March last year (from Dr. Tom Valone's intro):

Our Story #1 is perhaps the most amazing and revealing documentary called "Zero-Point" that has ever been made concerning the famous hovering electrogravitics craft from Norton AFB called the "Fluxliner". The story has been included for ten years in the last chapter of the 2004 book, Electrogravitics II: Validating Reports on a New Propulsion Methodology and now much more corroborating evidence is finally presented by military artist Mark McCandlish and several others for the first time. Unfortunately, the young filmmaker James Allen just died just a couple of months ago under mysterious circumstances and the self-ordered autopsy (online) reveals thorium and uranium in his system, so the commercial video was simply uploaded to YouTube as a giveaway.

As a related item, the hardback edited volume, Gravitoelectromagnetic Theories and Their Applications to Advanced Science and Technology with contributed papers by Drs. Musha, Pinheiro, and Valone is now available from Nova Publishers. It also contains two (2) chapters on electrogravitics.

1) "Zero-Point" Documentary on Electrogravitics Fluxliner

Integrity Research Institute Press Release  March 23, 2014

Bolide Motion Pictures in association with the Centre for Jim Gladman Studies released a documentary about a military vehicle illustrator, quantum physics and possibly reverse-engineered alien propulsion technology, currently unfinished. The first five minutes are an introduction and overview of the Disclosure Project from 2000 and the rest is a full length interview and summary of the pulsed electrokinetics hovercraft that was on display at an Air Force Base in 1988. It appears from the performance capabilities of each craft that "inertial shielding" is also involved in the design of the hull of the craft to account for its abilities.Mark was a contributor to the second book on Electrogravitics.  It reviews the craft seen in the last chapter of the book, with Mark's contributed article on the craft, which was on display at Norton AFB in 1988, which is powered by pulsed electrokinetics that is explained by Prof. Jefimenko's electrokinetic equation:

"Here is the rough cut of the documentary about my research into the anti-gravity technology the U.S. military back-engineered from UFO  crash retrievals".  Mark McCandlish...

Read the full story here: http://www.integrityresearchinstitute.org/Enews/EnewsMar2014.htm#LETTER.BLOCK24

The link to the video in the newsletter did not work for me. I think this one is an alternative: Alien Reproduction Vehicle (Zero Point) - The Fluxliner

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