Cold fusion E-Cat experiment ends explosively
Date: Monday, February 09, 2015 @ 01:06:25 EST
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From : An attempt by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project to replicate E-Cat, Andrea Rossi's alleged cold fusion reactor, ended explosively yesterday after the reactor heated to over 1,000C.

The MFMP is a group dedicated to co-operative, open-source research into cold fusion. Because the effects tend to be so small, much of the work has been on calorimetry (the science of measuring heat) and calibration to ensure that any excess heat is real. However, MFMP's Project Dog Bone is aiming at something bigger, producing large amounts of excess heat as claimed by Rossi, professor Alexander Parkhomov of Lomonosov Moscow State University  and  independent US researcher Jack Cole.

In line with their approach of carrying out all the research as publicly as possible, the experiment was shown on a live video feed. The reactor can be seen cracking apart with a loud bang three hours 47 minutes into the embedded video.

Swagelok based reactor leak testMartin Fleischmann Memorial Project

Fortunately, the experimenters noticed the temperature rise, and put up a blast shield in the minute before the explosion. The soundtrack records the experimenters' surprised and excited responses to the blast: ...

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Also watch the video: Follow the Data - Cold Fusion Research in Pictures

(Pictures from Project Dog Bone)

The most efficient energy technology in the world, at this point of time is the Dog Bone. At least if one would believe the few people who have tested working technology.

An independent team made some tests in Switzerland and their report claims that the device operated steady over time with superior efficiencies. This report has been downloaded from a Swedish Webpage over 150 000 times.

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project is one of many team working on trying to replicate the Dog Bone. They live stream their experiments over the Internet and invite the public to participate.

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Check the paper: Experiments with Nickel and Hydrogen by Kurt Edstrom, Jan-Erik Nowacki

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