Extraction of clean and cheap energy from vacuum
Date: Monday, March 02, 2015 @ 00:03:21 GMT
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Extraction of clean and cheap energy from vacuum
Authors: Xingliu Jiang ; Dept. of Phys., Beihang Univ., Beijing, China ; Xiaoping Zhou ; Weiming Peng

“Nature abhors vacuum.” Based on theory of the zero point energy, broken symmetry, and tip effect, useful energy and power has been extracted from quantum vacuum experimentally. The experimental results of anomalous nuclear reaction reported by Jiang, Bockris, Miley and Mizuno, et al. challenge the current atomic model. It appears that there are situations in which nuclei split open at the stimulus only chemical energies. A high energy concentration in the double layer on the cathode surface is observed with the existence of anomalous nuclear transmutation in electrolytic cells. A model of vortex dynamics based on the zero point energy, Casimir effect and torsion field with tip-effect and related nonlinear processes is proposed by Xingliu Jiang to account for the anomalies of the experimental phenomena.

The combination of energy vortex or particle vortex rings with abruptly pulsed bucking electromagnetic field or turbulence fluid could result in the direct manifestation of energy and matter transformation.The modification of the spectrum of the zero point energy by dynamic Casimir effect is essential for nuclear transmutation of the Fleischmann and Pons effect. There is reason to strive for a better understanding of the physical interpretation of so-called “Cold Fusion”.

Published in:Materials for Renewable Energy and Environment (ICMREE), 2013 International Conference on  (Volume:2 )

Source: Extraction of clean and cheap energy from vacuum

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