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Date: Sunday, March 22, 2015 @ 02:13:44 GMT

Mission Statement - The mission of Jovion Corporation is to develop pollution-free, portable, scalable, distributed power sources that require no fossil or nuclear fuel and emit no waste, carbon or harmful radiation, based on the Casimir-Lamb shift.

See “Test of zero-point energy emission from gases flowing through Casimir cavities"

Casimir-Lamb Shift - Our research indicates that certain electron orbitals in atoms are lower in energy inside a Casimir cavity than outside. This is due to the interaction between the electrons and the quantum vacuum field, which is significantly reduced at certain energies from that of the external field. In consequence of the reduced quantum vacuum field, we believe, atoms entering a Casimir cavity shed energy which we can collect and apply to perform work. Ambient zero-point fluctuations re-energize the electron orbitals when the atoms exit the Casimir cavity, yielding usable energy courtesy of the universal quantum vacuum field.

We propose to call the orbital energy difference between outside versus inside a Casimir cavity a "Casimir-Lamb shift" because it calls to mind the Lamb shift, for which Willis Lamb received a Nobel Prize in 1955: a small difference in energy between two electron orbitals in the hydrogen atom that results from perturbation of the Coulomb potential of the atomic nucleus by zero-point fluctuations of the vacuum field. We expect the Casimir-Lamb shift to be a much stronger effect.

  • The quantum vacuum zero-point field that exists everywhere is full of extremely short-lived electromagnetic fluctuations which pop into and out of existence thanks to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.
  • The energy of this field is not in an absolute minimum state since a lower state can be achieved inside a Casimir cavity, in which some of the electromagnetic fluctuations are suppressed.
  • In atoms the electron orbitals are determined by discrete values of quantum numbers characterizing the energy, angular momentum and spin values. There is no further physical process or basis beyond these numbers.
  • It has been shown (in reputable papers, e.g. in Phys. Rev.) that the ground state of hydrogen could alternatively be explained in terms of a classical orbiting electron absorbing exactly as much zero-point energy as it emits due to Larmor emission. and
  • It is hypothesized that a similar balance of absorption and emission might account for electron orbitals in atoms in general.
  • If that is the case, then it makes sense to consider the energies of electron orbitals as a secondary reservoir of zero-point energy.
  • If this connection between electron orbitals and quantum fluctuations is true, it affords an indirect way to access the energy of the zero-point field using Casimir cavities.
  • This suggests that Casimir cavities may be used to extract energy from this secondary reservoir by virtue of the suppression of zero-point fluctuations. This would result in shrinking of electron orbitals as atoms enter Casimir cavities, which should yield capturable energy.
  • Such a process is analogous to the Lamb shift, hence we suggest the name Casimir-Lamb shift.
  • Upon exiting the Casimir cavity the ambient quantum vacuum zero-point field will re-energize the shrunken electron orbitals to their normal state.
  • It can be shown that energy emitted on cavity entry and energy absorbed on cavity exit are separate processes, hence do not cancel each other out.
  • A cyclic flow of gas through Casimir cavities can therefore act as a catalyst for extracting energy from a universal sea of quantum zero-point energy. The universal quantum sea of energy is in principle diminished, but this is negligible.

See Analogy with Ordinary Absorption and Emission

A Revolutionary Source of Clean Energy 

These principles point us to the ultimate clean, non-depleting energy source: We would collect electromagnetic energy by cycling atoms–in the form of non-toxic, non-reactive noble gases—through a closed system of tiny Casimir cavities, consuming only a small fraction of the energy released in this process. The harvested energy can be used as heat or converted photovoltaically into electricity. The devices could be scaled for larger power applications and mass-manufactured cheaply using stamping techniques. The patent specifying our technique describes in detail the physical interpretation of a fundamental quantum axiom, by which zero-point fluctuations of the quantum vacuum field support electron orbital energy levels.


We are still at work to research and build our demonstration device, and we welcome serious inquiries from potential technology and development partners. We think investment in research and development of our solution represents a significant value in comparison to costs and external effects of other alternative energy sources...


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